Robbie Montgomery, Rhonda Graam and Carolyn Flagg at the Opening of Tina Turner Museum (Photo S.Evans)
Robbie Montgomery, Rhonda Graam and Carolyn Flagg at the Opening of Tina Turner Museum (Photo S.Evans)

One of Ike and Tina Turner most famous Ikettes, Miss Robbie Montgomery is releasing a new cookbook! The “Welcome To Sweetie Pie” star who was a close friend of Tina when she was an Ikette asked the Queen of Rock to write foreword for her new book. And here is what Tina Turner wrote:

Robbie and I worked together and I am happy for her success. Not only has she released this cookbook, but she has a successful business in a chain of restaurants, serving the food we grew up on.This cookbook will show you how to make good down home soul food. Love Tina Turner. I wish you the best with your cookbook Robbie, since you have the Midas touch I know it will be a success, just like your restaurants. And I am very happy for you and I am proud of all that you have accomplished.

Watch the video from Oprah Winfrey Network

5 Replies to “From TINA To Robbie”

  1. Ms. Robbie had been riding Tina for a while. Since Oprah’s honeymoon interview with Tina, Robbie has been aligning herself Eben more with Tina. I wonder when the lady time they’ve seen each other. Also Robbie remained very close to Ike, even attending the funeral. She’s even used the horrible statement, “Eat the cake…” She seems a bit opportunistic.


    1. Yes she did make that horrible statement “Eat the cake”….I did notice that Tina’s message for the book was very kind, but did not sound as warm as dear friends would be – I think Tina was being very polite. No idea Robbie was close to Ike.


  2. This is such old news but thought it was worth mentioning that Tina also explains in “I, Tina” how after she left in July 76 Ike was sending people and calling around looking for her and incidentally Robbie shows up at the home that she was staying at. Ike was waiting behind with a car but Tina never opened the door. Whenever I see Ms. Robbie refer to Tina I think about that moment and the fact that she was continuously friendly with Ike. She never had a chance to really trust anyone around her. Their mutuals were sooo attached to him, who could ever blame Tina for putting two fingers up and leaving the country without regret.


  3. All I have to say is that Ms. Tina played it smart. She made all the right moves for her safety and success. I am so happy that she reached out to only friends that she could trust with her safety and support her to evolve into who she is today. Blessings to all the friends that shielded her for her safety during those difficult moments. Her warmth and inspiration reflects her true persona. All that she is, is who she was meant to be.

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