“Lady in White”

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach - Zurich July 2015

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach - Zurich July 2015 2Tina Turner and husband Erwin Bach were spotted this week near Zurich visiting Emil Frey’s ‘Classic Car Center’. And for the occasion we get to see Tina in full white suit which is too rare not too be noticed!



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11 responses to ““Lady in White”

  1. JACruz

    She is fabulous as always!
    Is it me or she is just getting better and better while she’s getting older… No one like her Beyonce & Oprah were right she is THE “QUEEN”!!!

  2. Alex Franco

    I love these News!!!!!

  3. Polina

    Love you Tina you are BEST!!!!

  4. Paulette

    Toujours aussi belle Tina Turner la Tigresse!

  5. Dave

    Was Erwin eating a box of chocolates in the back of the car?😉

  6. clo

    géniale dans tous les domaines, c’est pour ça que l’on t’adore

  7. Gerri

    Love Ms. Tina so very much.

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  9. I can t Stop loveing you…..Tina is the best..Often listen this song…And once again Thank you tina. Slavica , Belgrade

  10. Regina McFadden Jensen

    Lookinh Beautiful Tina. You are the best!

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