Tina Turner - Stade De France - Paris 2000

It was fifteen years ago today! Fifteen years! And yet it still feels like yesterday.

Back in 2000, Tina Turner was back on the road with the massive stadium Twenty Four Seven World Tour. And of course, France is always on the map when it comes to Tina tours.

Take a 60 years old Rock Legend, add a 2 hours non-stop show and 80.0000 people cheering and you’ll end up with probably the best concert you’ll ever seen!

And since we like celebrations on the Tina Turner Blog, let’s celebrate this amazing show with photos and audio from that evening!

Enjoy and let us know what you think! Oh and don’t miss the very special sing along version of “The Best”…

Photos by Ben

Audio from Tina Live in Stade de France – July 5th 2000

11 Replies to “One Night in Paris”

  1. J’étais au stade de France ce soir la, ce concert était tout simplement formidable. Tina, you’re the Best…….


  2. It’s too bad that this version of “Heard It Through The Grapevine” wasn’t recorded in the studio (live) and included on the 24/7 album: It would have been one of the highlights, and it probably would have been a hit CD-single worldwide, esp. had it been coupled w/ the unreleased Dance Version that was unearthed a couple of years ago. A lost opportunity. A good tracklist, though


  3. Hello, I need tickets to Tinas Tour, oh can’t think of it right now but she came to Chattanooga, TN And I worked for hevr as runner, meals, snacks and drinks, Anything she needed. She WAS ABSOLUTEY BEAUTIFUL ANYway, I CAN NOT miss concert!! Can you advise? Believe in Nov. But want to get tickets asap!!!


  4. Hi guys! Wonderful memories, wonderful photos, and what a nice gift these tracks are!! Thank you so so so much!


  5. Genial!!!Merci pour les enregistrements ! Quel concert ! Heureux d’avoir pu voir la lionne Tina Turner en live au Stade De France ! Tellement de souvenirs ainsi que des Bercy de 1996…


  6. I went to this concert for my friend and I 30th birthday. It was amazing. Front row. Great memories. She was and is one of the worlds best entertainers. Loved it.


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