‘The Secret Of My Great Good Looks’

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Tina Turner - Wildest Dreams Tour Report - Boulevard Magazine 1996 - Cover

“I keep trying to retire. I’ve been working for 36 years now. I asked Roger to announce my retirement after my last tour ended in 1991, but he kept the stage, he kept the lights and he kept the costumes in case i “changed my mind”. He says if i ever stop working, i’ll get really old overnight. He’s probably right.”

It’s been a while since we’ve uploaded rare magazines scans from the Tina Turner Blog’s vault so today it’s time for a new entry! A great report and interview behind the scenes of the Wildest Dreams World Tour back in 1996. Follow a day in the life of Tina on tour in Sheffield UK, in her hotel room, rehearsing before showtime, inside the diva’s dressing room… Great photos and candid interview where Tina is asked about her breathtaking appearance for a then 57 years old rock legend but also about her sons, her faith and a lot more. High quality scans of the magazine inside the article. Enjoy!

10 Replies to “‘The Secret Of My Great Good Looks’”

  1. I have to agree with Roger, I just said what he said about two months ago on face book. I love Tina, I have always have ever since I was 14yrs. old but, I think when she retired, she seem to have aged over night. Not that that’s a bad thing and it does not change how I feel about her but I noticed she appears a her true age now. I guess all the touring, dancing and singing has kept her youthful for years and we were alright with it then and we are alright with it now. Tina, is still a force to that we truly miss.


  2. hi tina i do love ya and i was there tooyou had helped me thro tough times im so glad thatid seen you 12 times wish it was more, thank you for all that you do and for being you love you always and thanks xoox your a special person tina .


  3. How odd that comment came like almost 20 years ago and I feel Roger may have a point but we don’t know how “old” Tina would’ve gotten. She seems like she’s forever young to me. 🙂


  4. I can remember the first appearances of Ike and Tina . Her life has been an example of great determination and fortitude. Although her music is great it is her aura that capitivates the people that see her. I cannot think of one performance of any other artist that matches her uniqueness. There have been times I have lived in hell and Tina would bring a sing on and reinforce the stronger side of me and I would booggie my way out of gloom. I used to dream as a kid of dancing with her on stage . In my dreams I did. I may never have been much in life , but Tina had a way of making myself and others feel like we were stars. Thank you Tina ! You are Simple The best– better than all the rest…hoping to see you performing if ” just in my wildest dreams”. And I’ll be there with you shaking a tail feather. Lobe you string Lady and QUEEN OF ROCK AND ROLL.


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