TINA The Musical: Curtain Opens 2018

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Dutch musical producer and business man Joop van den Ende has announced he will collaborate with Tina Turner on a musical production of her life. He just revealed the first details about the show this evening on Dutch television. For several years, Joop has been negotiating with Tina, visiting her several times in Zurich. Last weekend, the contract was finally signed, when Tina and her husband Erwin Bach visited Joop and his wife at their home in The Netherlands.

What to expect? It will be an international production: the premiere will take place either in New York or London. Tina’s preference is London, because of her history with the city and her success in Europe. Opening night will be either November/December 2016 or March 2017.
The script is already finished and was written by Dutch screenwriters Kees Prins and Frank Ketelaar. An unusual choice; but Joop had a good relationship with them since they also wrote his Dutch hit musical about singer André Hazes. Tina liked the idea and has approved the script. The first scene of the musical will be in the court room where Tina divorces Ike. She distances her from everything except her name. The musical will feature three Tina’s in the ages of 10, 20 and 40.

From Movie To Musical
Joop van den Ende is a worldwide successful musical and television producer. Earlier this year, he sold his company Stage Entertainment, responsible for the hit musical Sister Act among others. The company owns many theaters around the world. Joop however will continue to manage several projects for the company, of which the Tina musical is the biggest.
The production won’t be the first musical based on Tina’s life. In 2012, the musical Soul Sister premiered on London’s West End. However, it will be the biggest stage production to date and the first one in which Tina will be actively involved.

Tina Turner - Telegraaf -September 2015

50 Replies to “TINA The Musical: Curtain Opens 2018”

  1. Tina Has said on Oprah interview, that Tina was tired of talking about the past, she lived it and she was done…Tina wanted to move on with her life, So why not move on with your life with “Erwin”…instead of the same ol same ol living in the Past again…this don’t not look like a good decision, of of any kind of keeping on making another production of the Past..If Tina Have Learned your Lesson of this Life, “why” not Teach Others,,,”we are all here to help one another”!…Not to keep living the Past.. Anne Mae?…
    Sorry, but enough is enough…No matter what forms it comes in.. or is it all about the money….or Tina would NOT be there in the first place Ms Tina!
    How many more Productions of Tina beatings of Abuse does someone need of re-runs…I think Now we are the one’s who are getting Abused! I don’t know how Tina/Anne Mae can even, be proud to go on with this…
    we have been hearing of this for Years Now and it’s all the same, you know
    But it must be the money!!!


    1. It’s my understanding that the musical will be based on the post Ike days and will primarily focus on her life after that period. Focus will be on Tina’s life after. She doesn’t want to relive that part of her life and having hands on input with the script I’m sure the production will not b about the abuse but the joy of a great career that followed. I’m excited about the production as I have been a fan since I attended her come back show at the Ritz in New york. As far as the money factor, hey it performance entertainment and she is an entertainer after all. I think it is a great business decision opportunity…so why not!


      1. Good day, I have been a follower since the days of…
        well, It’s been a long time..
        “She (Anne Mae) is whom she is, of the Path she chose to lead…in her Life.
        I have read the book of I Tina, and the movie, what love got to do with it.
        and it all seems like “half truths” of the TRUE story…
        One (book) & (Movie) is so different from the Other???
        P.s. whom am I to say….I just feel we will never know the real Truth.
        …enough…it’s just time to let it be..Nothing Will Change.
        I personal think/feel, Anne Mae could do so much better for herself…
        then just this.


      2. Tina’s Come Back at the RITZ….
        was all History in the Making, because of “David Bowie”,
        Yep “DAVID”..
        David gave Tina two of His hit songs, to sing that night,
        and, it was David who,
        Invited The Capitol Record Excutives to Attend that night!!!!..
        The Rest is History in the Making….
        What an “Inspiring Offer”, David did for Tina…
        David was more than a Friend to Tina…
        that words can never discribe…their Love of the Music world.
        “I will Love til “I” Die…… (“Tonight”)
        and David meant every word of it to Tina…
        What a Blessing!


      3. I am proud to say I was living in NYC in the 80″s and I was at her concert at the Ritz. That’s when I fell in love with TT.


    2. Please hush with all your ranting. You poor sad soul. If you don’t attend, it won’t cause the success or failure of this play. So stay your cheap self at home and continue complaining.


      1. Dear True Tina Fan,
        These are the Actual “words” of Tina herself to Oprah…on utube interview
        so You tell that to Tina/( to stop ranting about herself)…not me sweetie..
        I so sorry you took this the wrong way…


  2. C’est une excellente nouvelle ! Le projet est donc bel et bien lancé. Ce n’est d’ailleurs plus un projet à ce stade, mais une réalité ! Pourvu que Londres soit choisi pour la première 🙂
    Très belle nouvelle, très belle journée ! merci pour vos infos 🙂


  3. Fantastic news!!! Although I live in Dallas, TX it makes perfect sense to
    premiere it in London. The world is anxiously waiting.


  4. about Tina’s Life, “Again”? hhhmmmmm
    I guess that is what I do not understand?,
    How many more times,of half Truth’s…
    before TINA get it RIGHT???,
    or for Millions More come piling in to Tina’s Bank account..
    so through out the Years,…. We know sex sells..
    ?Tina has Lied to all of us, for her financial gains?..
    or how many more times, before “Tina” gets it right???
    Tina should have made it RIGHT, about Tina’s Life, the “”First TIME””!!!!..
    NOt Re-runs, Upon re-runs…somethings just doesn’t add up..ms tina?
    It make me feel,
    As if the ALL the fans were “Lied” past to present, Just to make a Buck.
    (Tina You complained about IKE, and Tina Your doing the Same thing as IKE)…this is why your Past life is still following You..of IKE..
    or should I say MILLIONS of Dollars in Movie’s,and Books,
    and Oprah Interviews too…
    So Tina Lied to Oprah too…for a buck. You figure…
    Lies to make Millions, on Other people’s Money into ur Bank account
    This Play should be FREE!!
    Free for Tina, to ask for, Forgivness. of Past Lie’s…about herself
    why would you do that????why?
    I just feel Lied to, of tina, whom I use to feel, so different about in Past Life issues’/ or this play.


  5. Hello dear Betty,

    why do you think about other peoples money?
    Tina Turner is a great singer and a great woman.
    And so she earns all the $. Why not!!!
    There are so many other problems to talk about.
    There was and is no reason to talk about money.


  6. Sorry to say but,
    Tina has mention on a Interview,
    with Oprah, That Tina was Done talking about her Past!
    and had nothing more to say. o.k.
    Tina already lived it and she was done! o.k.
    Tina was Tired of sing and dancing?…o.k. another Oprah interview too.
    The movie & Books of Tina Paint all a different Story, if you read..
    I feel as a fan of Tina,,,
    That I’m have been/being Misguided from these Interviews, books & Movies,of/
    from Tina’s past…. not true..o.k. all Money makers and we all fell for it..
    How many times about hearing/talking sing and dancing of the past of Tina?.
    “before Tina sets the record straight!! of getting it her past.???
    *Now the Hype of this, “Musical” is only based about, (Tina) the Money,
    and that is what entertainer’s DO!
    “””I personally believe that we will Never know the “TRUTH””””””..
    Only what they tell us…
    and it’s none of our Business!.(that is where is should stay)!!!!
    “”Thank you, But No Thank You””!,
    ms.Anna Mae, but Simply, Enough is enough…
    No Need to Comment Tell Oprah and Tina….what is the Truth?????


    1. after all this time… I’m not interested….(past)
      That is why it’s called the past…leave it there!
      I have just heard enough of the Tina Drama and still trying to make money off her past life…of which Tina Doesn’t want to talk about it..
      As per The Oprah Interview with Tina…that Tina was done!
      tired of talking about it.


  7. Hi there Tina you are amazing the things you overcame to get to where you are is truely insperational, you are so strong girl! I feel like im in groundhog day and can’t get out, i want to emulate you and evolve!!! Thanx for the love!

    Love and light to you dear one.



  8. dont any one complain about tina turner she best rock roll queen in the world and she always will be good luclk tina theres millions of fans around world that support you sweet heart karen gorrick from australia queensland


  9. Tina is my inspiration of a beautiful strong woman. I myself went through similar episodes of a violent marriage.
    I love everything about her she is simply THE BEST ….I hope I will be able to get to London to see this musical. .. I will have to start saving the penny’s. It’s a pity she didn’t come to Liverpool my home town maybe one day. Love you from Gina xxx


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