Tina Turner - Hear The World Calendar 2016

Hear The World – A Calendar For A Good Cause

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Under the theme “Combining good looks with a good cause: the 2016 Hear the World Calendar” Bryan Adams assembled stars like Tina Turner, Rosamund Pike, Naomi Harris or Anastacia in front of his camera lens and asked them to strike a pose for stunning portraits in support of disadvantaged children with hearing loss.
Each of the subjects of this beautiful series of black and white photographs adopt the familiar Hear the World pose that is synonymous with conscious hearing— one hand behind their ear— to help raise awareness of the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss.

You can order it here! EUR 35.00 / CHF 40.00 / USD 40.00 / BRL 80.00 (excluding shipping)

Tina Turner - Hear The World Calendar 2016 - June
Tina Turner – Hear The World Calendar 2016 – June

The Cause

A world in which everyone has the chance to experience good hearing: this is the vision of the nonprofit Hear the World Foundation and the goal since its founding in 2006. As well as running a long-term campaign to raise awareness, the Foundation primarily focuses on providing aid for people with hearing loss.
Every month, a striking portrait draws attention to the importance of good hearing and the consequences of hearing loss. The proceeds from the sale of the calendars will be used to help people with hearing loss in need of support all over the globe. This makes it the perfect holiday gift for anyone who wants to give something special and support a good cause.
In particular, it promotes projects that support children with hearing loss, enabling them to develop appropriately and to give them access to a school education. Since 2006, Hear the World has supported more than 60 projects across five continents and has already given thousands of people the chance to enjoy better hearing.

Check out their Facebook page.

The Foundation

Hearing loss is still a neglected issue, even though the figures speak volumes: more than 15% of the adult population is affected by hearing loss, and around half of these cases could have been avoided by taking preventive measures. Some 665,000 children with significant hearing loss are born every year.
One of the biggest challenges is that 80 percent of people with hearing loss live in low- to middle-income countries and often do not have any access to audiological or medical care. In low-income countries, for example, only one in 40 people with hearing loss wears a hearing aid. This has serious consequences: children with untreated hearing loss, particularly those living in these regions, have hardly any future prospects. After all, children who cannot hear very well have difficulty learning to speak, which reduces their chances of receiving an education and developing at an appropriate rate for their age. Hearing aids as well as audiological and medical care would remedy this. However, access to these remains beyond the grasp of most families.

Check out their website.

The Calendar

Pictured on the cover is Theo Hutchcraft from the highly acclaimed British musical duo Hurts, while the photos inside the calendar feature stars such as the latest Bond girl Léa Seydoux, singer Anastacia, presenter Thomas Gottschalk, singer Tina Turner, director Wim Wenders, singer Eros Ramazzotti, singer Gilberto Gil, Hon. Daphne Guinness, actor Rosamund Pike, actor Naomie Harris, and actor Rufus Sewell.

Tina Turner - Hear The World 2016 - Calendar
Tina Turner – Hear The World 2016 – Calendar

Getting Involved

By buying (EUR 35.00 / CHF 40.00 / USD 40.00 / BRL 80.00 (excluding shipping) ) the stylish calendar with a collection of fine black-and-white portraits you can do some good at the same time. This 2016 calendar from the Hear the World Foundation offers a unique collection of celebrity photographs, all in support of a worthy cause.
All proceeds from the sale of the calendars will go to the Hear the World Foundation, which is dedicated to helping people with hearing loss all over the world.

And where you can buy it? – Order here!

6 Replies to “Hear The World – A Calendar For A Good Cause”

  1. Well, I’ll be: I had no idea Bryan Adams has a second career as a photographer, along with being a real rock ‘n roller! Read more:

    Inside Bryan Adams’ New Photography Book, ‘Exposed …
    Rolling Stone
    The rock singer shares his second career as a shutterbug. November 28, 2012. Bryan Adams PHOTO: Photography by Bryan Adams …

    I’d love the see the calendar, but unfortunately we don’t use calendars in our house any longer, just our google calendar online. It would make a very nice book and maybe next time they will do it that way. It could still be a great collector’s piece and it’s a worthy piece of merchandise to help this excellent organization.


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