Tina Turner and David Bowie Pespsi Commercial

Here is Tina Turner’s statements regarding David Bowie’s death published earlier on Tina’s Official FB Account:

“A piece of my heart has broken. Not only was David a passionate supporter of my career but more importantly a very special person in my life. An icon. Irreplaceable loving friend. I am missing him greatly.”
Tina Turner

10 Replies to “Remembering Bowie”

  1. Hi Tina,
    You are both icons with exceptional good taste in world art, and why I appreciate your remembered colleague with such great kudos. Tina I am in Zurich for the next few days, looking for a place too eat in this beautiful city. I will be returning to Geneve, next week to finish during my business Trademark at WIPO. I appreciate yours and David art because I am a artist of sort in during inventions in the arts for technology. We artist try to contribute so much to the world by leaving our mark. Few of us obtain iconic status as Tina Turner and David Bowie, and I only pray for what the creator has in store for Velma. Thanks for letting me post my comments.


  2. Dear Anna Mae
    I am so so sorry for your/our, all the World, loosing David Bowie..you and him both are Rocking legends , in your own ways made hit music that Will live forever as does Elvis’, the beatles, rolling stones, sinatra, billie holliday…mahalia Jackson…you Will never be forgotten.


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