Ike & Tina Turner CD releases on BGO Records
Ike & Tina Turner CD releases on BGO Records

BGO Records (Beat Goes On Records) is an independent reissue label founded in 1987; specializing in classic highly collectable recordings of groups, singers and instrumentalists from the 50s through to the 80s. They released a 9 Ike & Tina Turner albums from the 70s plus two Ike Turner albums on CD. While the concert at Carnegie Hall had been released by other labels before, there are several albums which have never been released in digital form before.

CD Releases

You can find all their releases here: Ike and Tina Turner on BGO

You can either shop with them or buy the albums from your local Amazon website.

  • The Gospel According to Ike And Tina / Sweet Rhode Island Red features two 1974 albums from Ike and Tina and the first time on CD for the ‘Gospel’ album
  • Come Together / Nuff Said features two early 1970s albums
  • Workin’ Together / Let Me Touch Your Mind features two albums from 1971 and 1973 which were originally recorded for United Artists
  • Delilah’s Power / Airwaves features two late 1970s albums
  • What You Hear Is What You Get: Live At Carnegie was originally released as a double album by United Artists in 1971 and already saw several re-releases on CD. It reached No.25 in the Billboard 200, their highest-charting US album.
  • Blues Roots / Bad Dreams contains two Ike Turner solo albums for United Artists the early 1970s – the first time on CD for these releases

Detailed Track Listings

We selected three albums which – as far as we know – never saw the laser light before. So, you might know several songs like “Living For the City” or “Mississippi Rolling Stone” from a Greatest-Hits-collection but maybe only your grandmother has the actual LP at home. Or you surely know “We Need An Understanding” but you might not know all the other tracks from “Airwaves”. And you surely think that the live version of “Annie Had A Baby” is better than the studio version, but you surely don´t have the studio version from “Let Me Touch Your Mind” because it was recorded again for the “Nutbush City Limits” album. So, bottom line is: there is much to discover on these reissues, and especially the never-released-before-on-CD ones are extremely interesting.

Airwaves Let Me Touch Your Mind Sweet Rhode Island Red
  1. Strange
  2. He Don’t Love You
  3. Flee Flee Fla
  4. Honey Child Baby
  5. Just Want Your Love Sometime
  6. We Need An Understanding
  7. Two Is A Couple
  8. It’s My Time Now
  9. Dear John
  1. Annie Had A Baby
  2. Don’t Believe Her
  3. I Had A Notion
  4. Popcorn
  5. Early One Morning
  6. Help Him
  7. Up On The Roof
  8. Born Free
  9. Heaven Help Us All
  1. Living For The City
  2. I Know
  3. Mississippi Rolling Stone
  4. Sugar Hill
  5. Sweet Rhode Island Red
  6. Ready For You Baby
  7. Smooth Out The Wrinkles
  8. Doozie
  9. Higher Ground

8 Replies to “Ike & Tina Turner – Remastered”

    1. Bonjour Olivier,
      Croisé les doigts et attendre 😉 Mais n’étant pas un classique de Tina, peu de chance à mon humble avis de le voir réédité en version remasterisé… but you never know 😉
      Merci de ton com’


  1. i wrote to BGO some time ago and they have no plans to release any other albums from Tina. why they didn’t chose Tina Turns the country on’ i do not understand. That would be the release we are all waiting for. At least we got ’nuff said, come together and sweet rhode island red, which were never issued on cd before


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