From Tears To Triumph

12959460_10206711615617237_188866353_o.jpgA new video upload today with this 1993 documentary promoting the movie “What’s Love Got To With It?”. Features interviews with Tina Turner, Roger Davies and a look behind the scenes with Angela Bassett & Laurence Fishburne. Enjoy!

Duration: 20 minutes



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5 responses to “From Tears To Triumph

  1. Anthony

    Thanks for this documentary. It’s possibly my second favorite work/album/period in Tina’s career after Private Dancer, but, 1986-1991 had such great highlights, I can’t truly decide. I loved her photos from that 1993 Summer, and I saw her for the first time in NYC at Radio City Music Hall on the What’s Love Tour ’93. Magical.

  2. Lea Tannenbaum

    Awesome 20 min video! Bravo!


    Preciso conhecê-la. Como faço Tina?

  4. A lot of success with it beautiful

  5. Michel

    Tina Turner: Simply The Best! Love this woman!

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