I’ll Never Need More Than This

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Tina Turner - River Deep Mountain High - 50Th anniversary 2016

This year, one of the Tina Turner’s most important (if not the most important) recording turns 50. I’ll never forget the first time I heard the song River Deep Mountain High.It is the song that made me fall in love with Tina and it is definitely my song. For me, it always symbolized the path of a lifetime, the road is never flat, you might have to climb High Mountains and swim across Deep Rivers to achieve your goals.

Discovering the song as a child it totally blew me away. Living in a small village in the east of France, I never thought music could sound like this. I was familiar with Classical music but not that much with Rock & Roll and Soul music. And this song was the perfect combination of them all. Defying Spector’s Wall of Sound, Tina’s voice is like a perfect instrument and every sound coming out of her mouth penetrates our body and soul.

We all know the story behind River Deep Mountain High, Ike being put aside from the project by Spector, the reluctance of radio station to play a record judged too white for black stations and too black for white stations and most importantly, the fact that it launched Ike & Tina Turner’s career in Europe.

Everything has been said and written about River Deep so instead of long boring article, and to celebrate the anniversary of the album in the right way, a special upload  with a live version of River Deep Mountain High live at the Yankee Stadium in 1969! Enjoy!

9 Replies to “I’ll Never Need More Than This”

  1. My favorite song by Tina ever, ever, ever! I discovered it on YouTube when I was 17 and in high school, and it blew me away. I liked Tina before that because of Thunderdome, Proud Mary, A Fool in Love, What’s Love, etc. … But this was the song that made me fall in love with the Queen of Rock n Roll. She symbolized female strength and courage by shouting down that entire orchestra, giving one of the greatest performances of all time!

  2. I discovered Tina Turner in 1984. It was ‘what’s Love’. Since this year TT is my absolute favourite.
    She is simply brilliant and I love her.
    God bless her .
    River Deep Mountain High is an exception song, but I must be in the mood for it – the BEST is for every time.

  3. Fantastic song and album. Can’t believe it’s 50 years old this year. Tina Turner is really the best female artist of all time. I am so happy she is still with us unlike many other Legends. I just wished there was more release from Tina Turner. Still hopefull for 2016!


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