Serena is Tina!

From one Queen to the other! Uploaded a few hours ago on Youtube an awesome tribute to Tina from World’s N°1 Female Tennis player, Serena Williams! Channeling her own Tina Turner during the July 2016 cover shoot of Glamour magazine, Serena shows some really great moves and her legs kinda ring a bell huh!? Anyway always nice to see clin d’oeil to Tina from people of that caliber and talent! And of course, everybody knows that those ladies really are Simply the Best!



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7 responses to “Serena is Tina!

  1. catherinetodd3

    Made my day!

  2. Valentina

    Funny… and very energetic! Not bad!

  3. Lea Tannenbaum

    Great moves but I think Dovovan could teach her move moves! 😆

  4. Vaughan Jones

    There is and always will be one Tina Turner

  5. Philip Blower

    Oh Dear !!!

  6. slaw

    błagam … jak to się ma do TINY 🙂 ? 🙂

  7. Anna

    You GOT It Serena but there’s only one QUEEN TINA TURNER! 🙂

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