Tina live in Chicago 1984 – CD & LP

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Tina Turner Live Park West - Chicago 1984 - CD (2016)

August, 17th 1984 – Let´s go back to 1984, zoom in to August in the time dimension, narrow it down to the evening of the 17th, and find a location called the Park West. We might even add that we have a ticket – one of not more than 800-1000 – to a concert of a newcomer – or rather an old war horse but now in new armor and carrying new arrows in her quiver: Tina Turner will play the Park West tonight on her “Private Dancer Tour”.

Tina Turner Live Park West - Chicago 1984 - LP (2016)

Tina Turner – Show Some Respect – Live in Chicago 1984:

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(Limited to 500 copies) 

Tina Turner - Live at Park West - Title
Tina Turner – Live at Park West – Title

To be honest, we rather have to assume that we don´t have a ticket and can only rely on a radio show which will broadcast the show and we can only imagine ourselves clinging desperately to the speakers. Even if we assume that we tape the show… how cool would it be to have a top recording of the performance?

Tina Turner - Live at Park West - Label
Tina Turner – Live at Park West – Label

The Releases

The CD


The good news is: it has been released on CD already years ago. But, of course, you can now only find your personal copy on eBay. In fact, you could have started your own special collection of CD releases of this famous night in August 1984 as several labels produced different versions of the show. 13 tracks, the CD nearly completely full, an overhaul version of ZZ Top´s “Legs” where you can hear Tina Turner reminding the audience of the fact that they were broadcasting the show, plus many songs from the newly released “Private Dancer” album, and Prince´s “Let´s Get Married” as the opener.

Tina Turner - Park West Chicago - CD
Tina Turner – Park West Chicago – CD

The LP

And finally in 2016, the record label Egg Raid which offers an impressive catalog of re-issues, live recordings, and other rare material of various artists, released an LP version of Tina´s appearance in Chicago. Of course, you need to have a record player in order to enjoy the new release but … let´s face it: you can only enjoy a concert from 1984 on an actual LP. Especially if that LP is brand-new, comes still in its plastic wrapping, and has never been played before. We got you on that one, right? Depending on your location you have to use Google (we have prepared the perfect search for you) in order to find an online record shop in order to order it because the official 500 copies are not as easy to find as you might assume. But we guess that you have your personal record shop around the corner – and they can order it for you.

Tina Turner - Live at Park West - 12 Inch LP Re-Issue
Tina Turner – Live at Park West – 12 Inch LP Re-Issue
Tina Turner - Live at Park West - 12 Inch LP - Back
Tina Turner – Live at Park West – 12 Inch LP – Back

Chicago 1983

Don´t get confused with the years here: 1983 is not 1984. There is yet another important night as in 1983 Tina Turner showed Soundstage shortly before her comeback success what a performer she is. This show has been broadcast on TV and requires a totally new trip in time…or you follow the link to our article.

The Venue


Park West, 322 W. Armitage Avenue, Chicago, IL 60614, USA

The venue was opened in the early 1920s for a company called Ascher Brothers and was baptized Lane Court. It originally sat close to 1000 patrons, and showcased both movies and vaudeville acts. As it was located in the Lincoln Park neighborhood near Armitage Avenue (but then known as Center Street) and Clark Street, the company renamed Lane Court the Town Theatre. It then turned into a burlesque house and ended up showing adult movies by the 1960s. From there it only took another decade until it was in the early 1970s.

Tina Turner - Live at Park West - Title
Tina Turner – Live at Park West – Title

5 Replies to “Tina live in Chicago 1984 – CD & LP”

  1. Thanks for the nice post!

    Is on the record the same “recording” as the CD?

    On CD the last three tracks (at least) had been “played”/recorded faster – you can definitely hear it, as the sound is pitched. TIna’s voice sounds also higher.
    I assume, that they sped it up to get all songs onto one CD.


  2. Only one question: WHY WASN’T THIS INCLUDED ON THE PRIVATE DANCER 30TH ANNIVERSARY EDITION?! This clip you featured sounds great! I wish I could have this CD. Too good to be only a limited edition of so small an amount. Thanks for giving us the info, though. You rock!


  3. Brilliant post, I am a Chicago style (Little Walter) influenced harmonica player. Tina Turner is the Queen of Rock ‘n’ Roll that is why she is in my family history book called TURNER TREES.


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