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Tina was spotted today in Rotterdam, attending the opening of Peter Lindbergh photo exhibition. Tina has been photographed many times by the artist, their most famous collaboration being the Hanes campaign and the Missing You video clip that Lindbergh shot in 1996.

Our Queen looks totally stunning at nearly 77 (don’t forget the #TINA77 hashtag on Nov.26) and these pictures are a boost of energy for all of us fans! Thanks to the all the photographers who shared their pic on Instagram.


21 Replies to “TINA In Rotterdam”

  1. What I love about Tina is her strength and resilience. I recently purchased a meditative CD where she collaborates with two other ladies chanting powerful Buddhist words and phrases. She keeps it real and stays current, purposeful, and full of her wonderful contagious spirit. ALL Hail to Tina Turner!


  2. Tina Turner está muito bonita. Estou orgulhoso e muito feliz por vê-la radiante e cheia de energia. Adoraria um novo álbum com sua bela voz de volta para nós fãs. #FãsTinaTurner #VoltaTina


  3. HI! Thanks for the article, great to see Tina again finally after months of no news!
    Looks health and happy…so is just great!
    The tower eiffel photos from Foreign Affair, I always wonder…they are real or is a montage? Love, Pedro


  4. Is it just me, or has she lost a little weight (in a good way)? She looks similar to the way she does in the Foreign Affair photo…and that wasn’t 5 days ago (lol). I still say, as great as the album cover is for Foreign Affair, the famous Eiffel Tower shot would have been even better.


  5. I love you Miss Tina Turner you sure made a way out of no way if you came back to America I surely would like to meet you personally since I was a little girl I’ll be 55 is you


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