‘The man who ‘invented’ Supermodels’, photographer Peter Lindbergh has some great things to say about Tina Turner! We highy recommend you visit his successful exhibition at Kunsthal Rotterdam, The Netherlands, which lasts until February 12, 2017!

11 Replies to “TINA, Peter & the Eiffel Tower”

      1. I don’t think she climbed it. Her shoes are flat, on the structure I think she climbed just a few feet to get the shot


      2. She did so! She didn’t climb the entire tower, but she absolutely climbed out on it, in heels, no less, its on video! Well documented, and btw, there was No Such Thing, as Photoshop in 1989, when the photography/videos were done!


    1. Hey J… here is a thought ..have someone photo you doing the same pose on the tower in heels and not clipped on with any safety lines and then you post that along with your rude responses! Then…..maybe then ….we will pay attention to your comments. I doubt it though.


      1. She had safety harnesses on….they were edited out….nobody would take that risk with someone as precious as Tina Turner ❤️


  1. Tina Turner had so much soul that she could have floated up there.

    There will never be another performer to match her. She was the epitome of talent, beauty, grace, and charm and I’m grateful to have lived in her lifetime. 💕


  2. I’m currently reading her book “my love story” and she did in fact climb out on a ledge with heels on and no harnesses before her manager could intervene. She said he about had a heart attack!

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