Tina Turner in her own words

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Few people on this planet have had a life like Tina Turner. There’s been books, documentaries and even a movie about it. But only Tina can tell the real truth and how she became this bigger than life icon. Back in 1996, while promoting the gigantic  Wildest Dreams Tour, Tina did a lot of interviews including this in-depth one called “Tina Turner: In her own words” broadcasted on Radio 2. It is more likely a longer  interview Tina did with Kurt Loder, parts of it could be find in ‘The Girl From Nutbush’. But still lots on unheard before stuff: going through a lot of topics like childhood, her children, fame and much more, Tina opens herself and tells it like it is! Enjoy!

Duration: 40 min

My name is among the stars


Meeting Ike

First Performance

The Promise

Diamonds, Cadillac

A Fool in Love


An uncomfortable relationship

You should treat me right

Believe in your words

Who was gonna be TINA?


Private Dancer

What’s Love Got To Do With It?

What we do at Rhonda’s place…


Something magic about my Life 



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13 responses to “Tina Turner in her own words

  1. Dominic

    Reblogged this on StuDom and commented:
    What an amazing post about an amazing person 🙂

  2. Cergio

    Probably her best interview? At least in this period of her life. Amazing job. Congratulations. You are wonderful fans. Thanks!

  3. Emma

    Simply the best! Very intersting thanks for sharing!

  4. Christl

    Exemplary Sagittarius! Like we mostly are;)

  5. laurel

    Fantastic!!! As always, thanks for sharing 🙂

  6. catherinetodd3

    I would love to hear this, but no sound! What am I doing wrong?

  7. catherinetodd3

    Oh, now started working. Great interview and thanks for breaking it up.

  8. Michael

    Thank you for posting this! I’m a huge Tina fan and have listened and watched all of her interviews on the internet (over and over). Especially with this one, I actually felt like I had the opportunity to see into her soul when listening to the interview. I felt a real honesty from her while listening to them. She’s no bullshi*t about it, for sure.

  9. Vilmânia

    Obrigada Ben, por tudo. Me mande um oi.

  10. So true. Tina is amazing. I would love to meet her.

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