We have just reached the magic number of 50.000 followers on Youtube. In addition to our 230K Facebook friends, we are glad to reach that many TINA fans around the globe.  So a big thank you to all of you who have been supporting us for all those years and if you don’t follow us yet on our social networks, please do!

And of course, to celebrate the occasion, and as an early birthday gift for all TINA fans, a new upload with this video montage of Tina’s 50th Anniversary Tour with videos made by fans. Created by Ben. Enjoy!

15 Replies to “TINA Live 2008/2009: Fan Cut”

  1. Thanks for all you do….this is SIMPLY the BEST place to get some TINA. WE all need a little more Tina and you bring us all some truly great moments


  2. thank you for the videos.there is only one tina.from all the countries in the world there is no a singer and i dont beleive will be like her. her voice, energy, beauty,dancing, a woman who respect herself and others. and her wisdom when you listening her interviews.god bless her,and we will enjoy from this gift to the world.


  3. Lovely Video. I have a question. During the 1st part of Tina’s 50th Anniversary Tour, her longtime background singer Stacy Campbell was touring with Cher. Who was the Lady filling in for her? Thanks.


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