Happy Birthday TINA!


D-Day! We would like to wish a very Happy and healthy birthday to our idol, Miss Tina Turner! Long live The Queen and leave a message to show your support!




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148 responses to “Happy Birthday TINA!

  1. marie3511ghotmail.com

    MY one and only have a beautiful day love ya 😉

  2. Konráð Valsson


  3. Today is the day have a beautiful one, love

  4. Bibi Merrick

    Miss Tina, double figures! Have the happiest Birthday ever xx

  5. Tjerry van der Meer

    SIMPLY THE BEST FOREVER!!! Happy birthday!

  6. Pol

    Happy Birthday Tina💕💕Depuis on t’aime depuis Paris 💕💕💕Twenty Four Seven🎷24/24🎇7/7🎂

  7. Patrick Ahern

    Have a wonderful day Tina…love you loads & thank you for the memories x

  8. Hanno Elsässer

    Happy Birthday mein grosses Idol
    Schön Dich in der 🇨🇭 zu wissen.
    Bleib gesund und inspirierend.

  9. karen gorrick

    happy birthday tina you will always be number one of the rock roll world

  10. Judith

    Happy, Happy Birthday to an Iconic woman,one of grace power and strength..Blessings on your special day and always…had the pleasure of seeing you at the Bank Atlantic Centre, Florida some years ago..Love you to pieces, you inspire me Tina..
    Happy Birthday…

  11. Hartelijk gefeliciteerd met u verjaardag en een super fijne dag. Dikke knuffel uit Nederland Xxx

  12. Faye Travis

    Happy birthday Tina my idol & inspiration. I’ve loved you for most of my 35 years & always will forever more. Being on the front row 3 times & seeing you 4 times are my best memories. Have a lovely day. Lots of love from Faye Travis xxx

  13. Trevor

    Nam Myoho Renge Kyo 👠😀

  14. Lannoo Evelien

    HB !!!🎉🎉🍾🍾 you are simply THE best !!

  15. Donna

    Happy Happy Birthday Tina !! Thanks for all the great years of music !! Goes to show what exercise does for the mind and body ! Your not in your grandma’s rocker!

  16. Charletta

    Happy birthday Ms. Turner loved you from the first time I say you when I was 5

  17. Katarina Kovač

    Happy birthday Tina!
    you are my inspiration and energy,
    love you soo much!

  18. Happy birthday Tina!! Beat wishes from your fans from Italy. We thank you for your music, your soul and your heart.
    Every day we’re inspired by you. Thank you Tina! ❤ Best wishes
    Tina Project
    Tina Turner Italian Tribute Band

  19. Rachel Keith

    Wishing a very happy birthday to someone I’ve admired since age 11 (I’m now 43). You’ve not only given us great music/entertainment over the years but taught many of us how to be a woman. I know I’m not alone when I say I’ve tried to model myself after you. You make so many of us want to be a better person. Thank you for all the years of entertainment from the early years to now with the Beyond projects. Praying for many more happy healthy years ahead for you!

  20. claudio Vinicius

    Happy birthday my queen…health…good luck…happyness in your life every day in your life….kisses

  21. Frank Turesson

    Happy Birthday from Sweden Tina

  22. Julia

    Tina you’re one and only. I love you. Happy and peaceful birthday !!!

  23. Irma Ulendorp

    Dear miss Tina, happy birthday to you and a very beautiful day. I wish for you all the luck in the world in good health.

  24. Joyeux anniversaire Miss Tina ! Votre talent et votre beauté émerveille le monde. Mille baisers 😚😎💖

  25. Hadia kastoun

    My wish is to have a good health and I wish I had the privilege to attend one of ur shows .



  27. Dree Riley

    Happy birthday Tina hope you have a great one as your Simply The Best.

  28. Raoul van duyse

    wish a very happy birthday, we love you

  29. Maurene Rodriguez

    Happy Birthday Tina !!! You deserve the best, cause you’re a wonderful human being !!! I’d love to see you in Uruguay ! Do please come to visit us ! We are a small a country in South America but with a great heart ! I love your songs and of corse your voice !!! You’re unique !!!

  30. Brigitta

    Happy Birthday 🍀🍸🎂🎁🌹

  31. Jackie

    Happy Birthday TINA!!!

  32. Petra van den Boomen

    Happy Birthday, Tina your simply the best!!!!!!!

  33. vilmania

    Hoje, estou muito feliz, por você stá celebrando mais um ano de vida e saúde, Felicidades, você tem sido muito especial pra mim, muito obrigada!

  34. Dinazar Renedo

    Dearest Tina:. Happy Birthday! May you enjoy peace, joy, love, health and company with your loved ones. Kisses

  35. Alvaro

    Feliz día Diana para la reina del rock. Xoxoxo

  36. Johnathan Dunn

    Happy Birthday Ms. Tina! You are a treasure to and an inspiration! Have a wonderful birthday and God bless you!

    Blessings always,
    Johnathan Dunn

  37. Pedro

    Feliz Aniversário!!!
    Muita saúde Tina!
    Rio, Brasil.

  38. Happy Birthday, Tina! Thank you for being my Inspiration for so many years – at the beginning it was because of similar domestic destiny, but now it’s all because You are who you are in the only possible Way – being a warrior of eternal Life-force ! I love you! And thank you!

  39. Many blessings to you Mrs. Turner. Have a
    Awesome celebration 🎉 of life. Wish I was with
    you to celebrate. You are an awesome soul.
    Love ❤️ you.

  40. Lois B Stephens

    Happy Birthday Ms Tina Turner. I honor and Celebrate you and your life on today. I grew up watching and listening to your music, even today your music sounds new and fresh. God has greatness for you still that’s why you are still here. Enjoy!!!! It’s your thang
    Do What You Wana Do!!!
    God’s continued blessings are sent to you on your special day!!!
    Love you I can’t wait to see the pictures
    on how you Celebrate your birthday.

  41. Božena Jan Koblar

    Happy birthday dear Tina. Always the best. Long live the legend. With the best wishes.

  42. Eartha

    Happy birthday ms. TINA.

  43. Brun huguette

    To you Miss Tina Turner I really want to wish a happy birthday ! You give us the energy we loose sometimes ans so I would like to tell you “Thank you Tina” for all you gave us during all these years ! We love you !

  44. Lechelle Jones

    Wow I read your book when I was 14 and fell madly encouraged by your strength and courage and determination. On today I wish you a blessed birthday “Your simply the best”

  45. Glenda Howe

    Happy birthday Miss Tina. 77 and still look terrific!

  46. João Pires

    Gelou Birthday Tina. Portugal want you!❤❤❤

  47. Kelley

    Happy Birthday Tina! You are amazing! Love you! 💖

  48. Gary

    Happy Birthday Tina! You are simply the best! Love you.

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  50. darlene

    Happy happy birthday Tina you are simply the best Love ya ❤

  51. Miranda Mayberry

    Happy Birthday!!! You’re Simply The Best! Today is also my mother’s birthday!

  52. Dreama

    Happy Birthday, Tina. I have loved you from the beginning. I have never been to a concert, but I would sure like to see one of yours. Hope you have many more birthdays. Keep singing.

  53. Corey Ortega

    Happy birthday Ms Tina. You are simply the best!

  54. lucia Bertinelli

    Tina muy Feliz cumpleaños .Eres una gran cantante te admiro tu fuerza y espiritu que tengas un hermoso dia .Muchas felicidades!!!!!!💕💖🎁🐶

  55. Judy whitaker

    Wishing you the “Simply the BEST” Birthday ever! Thank you for making my says brighter with your music! Happy birthday!🎉

  56. Quateisha

    Happy Birthday Tina , you’re a beautiful inspiration and role model to us all. ❤ you

  57. annie assié

    Bon anniversaire pour TINA, la reine, l’unique, l’irremplaçable.
    Milles baisers d’une fan inconditionnelle.

  58. Happy Birthday! May 5 hummingbirds fly in your direction fanning waves of longevity and amour your way from me. A noted vision of excellence you have come to be. Happy Birthday-indeed. [may giggles and laughter ensue every moment of this day for you].

  59. Lemuel Flagg

    Happy Birthday to the Queen of Rock & Roll, Tina, You are simply the best! !

  60. Josiane Liseron

    Happy Birthday with my respect …and thanks
    for all your songs…Love You TINA !!!

  61. judy cabrero

    Wishing you all the best on your special day. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU 😚 I’m sure you’ll have a big bash. Just take plenty of photos! Love you Tina and God Bless you~ True Fan,Judy~

  62. Dorothy Roberson

    Happy Birthday Tina Turner! You are my Best Inspiration! Performing your music the last 7 years has healed my broken heart! Somehow, I have drawn strength and courage from you!

    Sending you love from Chicago, where I am known as Chicago’s Tina Turner. I have a very strong singing voice that is very similar to yours. Hope you can coach me someday, so that I can become better! Hope to meet you soon, hug and thank you for giving me hope! You have no idea, how my life has changed for the best, having you as my role model!
    Love you so much for that!

    Dorothy Roberson
    Chicago’s Tina Turner

  63. Tone

    A leading star, <3, make it your day and make it your best, congratulations. Happy to have met you :).

  64. Tinaroo

    All of my love, all of my love, to you Tina. Whola lotta love!! Thanks for the joy you bring me!!

  65. Anikokm@yahoo.com

    Happy Birthday Tina!!!

  66. Conny

    I wish you a happy birthday and all the best for you

  67. Feliz aniversário à guerreira de luz!!!! Muitos anos de vida, saúde, paz e luz!!!! Beijos de todo o BRASIL!!!!!

  68. Christl

    Happy Birthday Miss Tina🎈
    Have a wonderful day my fellow sag♐️
    We sure know how to make it fun!

  69. Fabulous One

    Happy birthday, my Sagittarius sista! We are the best! You are simply the best!

  70. Happy Birthday! Much respect from producer/pianist in neighbouring Erlenbach.

  71. Viviana

    Muy feliz cumpleaños Diosa total!!!! Que pases un maravilloso día!!! Maravillo como vos!!!! Tengo la esperanza de verte en un recital!!!! Ojalá se cumpla el deseo de verte en vivo en un escenario!!!! Vivo en Argentina… Eres lo máximo!!!! Muyy feliz día Diosaa!!!

  72. Paula Pakarinen

    Happy Birthday my dear Queen of rock Tina. Hope you have nice day with your loved ones. I have been fans for over 50 years. Paula from Finland

  73. Denise Beard

    Happy Birthday to the Queen! You are “simply the best”. Best wishes to you always.

  74. Ola

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Tina!

  75. Bob Kohne

    Alles gutes zum Geburtstag!

  76. Devis

    Ciao Tina Turner ti faccio i miei auguri di un fece compleanno ciao dal tuo grande fan da sempre mia simply the best

  77. Devis

    Ciao Tina Turner ti faccio i miei auguri di un felice compleanno ciao dal tuo grande fan da sempre mia simply the best

  78. Estorion Robinson

    To my Musical Mother on her 77th….All the best….and many more…

  79. Baltazar

    Parabéns minha Diva máxima! Que Deus te ilumine muito para wue vc continue a nos prestigiar com todo seu poder e talento!

  80. Shannon

    Happy birthday Tina! You’re still fabulous!

  81. Hank

    Happy Birthday to wonderful Tina Turner! For all the fans celebrating, wishing you the best party ever, enjoy! Hank

  82. Tina

    I dont know if reproaches of age is tactful. And Tina is simply young and beautiful, she is my idol. Happy birthday Tina!

  83. Jeffrey Hill

    Happy Birthday, Miss Tina
    One of my fondest memories was meeting you and working on the Way of The World video.

  84. You are my Rock sense I was a teen and I am fifty one and I love you even more .love ya Tina happy birthday God Continue to bless you and enrich your life…Forever Angela.

  85. Becky

    Happy Birthday Tina!!! Beautiful singer! Love you from Texas! Best wishes.


  86. Edda & Thomas Romero

    We wish you a wonderful happy birthday
    Miss Tina, may our Lord give you health
    Always, enjoy for a week your birthday as
    I like to celebrate it,🍰🍰🍰🍰🎉🎉🎉🎉t
    To a gorgeous lady from the bottom of our
    heart, we send to you our love hugs and
    blessings 😇

  87. Vicky Alins

    Feliz cumpleaños, Tina. You will always be unique. Have a very special day with all your friends and beloved ones. Love, Vicky (from Barcelona).

  88. Beverly

    Happy Happy Birthday, Tina. Be continued blessed and Enjoy!! Much Love to You!!

  89. Chari Heimes

    We-your fans-hope and pray that you understand how important you are to us not only as an entertainer but as a role model and a woman of grace and strength. We thank you for sharing your talents with us. Have the most glorious birthday and many more With all our love and admiration

  90. Linda

    Happy happy birthday🎉🎉🎉🎉

  91. Christine from Norway

    Happy Birthday, Tina 🎂🎈🎉

  92. Debbie Jay Kizzia

    Happy birthday Tina
    Wishing you mamy positive blessings.
    You’re simply the best

  93. mona brown

    Happy blessed birthday. I got to see you in concert in Kansas City years ago, i still smile thinking how much fun it was.

  94. Saskia

    Have a great day! Lovely Tina! You were always very inspiring for me…. powerwoman. Lots of love from a fan from Holland. Fan for 33 years already

  95. Diane Wharmby

    Happy birthday Tina have a fabulous day for a fabulous Lady.

  96. Ann

    Happy Birthday. You are and been the best !

  97. Christina johmson

    Happy Birthday Tina
    You have bern an inspiration and inner syrength to me for 40 years
    Nam myo ho renge kyo

  98. Frank

    Happy Birthday Tina! You simple the best!

  99. Barbara

    Buon Compleanno Tina! 💞

  100. Herve KOUAKOU

    Happy Birthday Tina!!!!!!

  101. Carlo Raucci

    I love you Tina ❤️ Happy Birthday 🎂🍾🎼🎁🎈🎉🎊💥💥 You are the BEST 😘

  102. Peter

    Fantastic woman, fantastic singer. Tina, are you from this planet? Happy birthay !!! Wish you many and many healthy years!

  103. Debbie

    When I need a strong inner self, I pull out my Tina Turner self. You inspire women everywhere to be strong. Happy Birthday to my inspiration!!

  104. thekingroyaljamesbrewster

    🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (: (: (:.THE QUEEN OF DIVAS TINA TURNER.:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

    (: (: (:.HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU.:) 🙂 🙂 🙂

  105. Adrianna Nowicka

    Happy Birthday Tina 🎂❤

  106. Tina,
    Thank you for being an inspiration! Happy birthday!

  107. Tina – thank you for being an inspiration!! Happy birthday!

  108. Adrianna Nowicka

    Happy Birthday Tina🎂❤

  109. James Gregg McDaniel

    Happy birthday Tina u are such a blessing

  110. Andrea

    Muy feliz cumpleaños Idola!!!!! Desde Argentina un gran Cariño!!!!!

  111. Ms Marion

    Happy Birthday Mrs. Tina and Happy Birthday
    to Me….

  112. Petra Sommerlad

    Happy Birthday! Rivers may have been deep and mountains high, but never too deep for you to dive in or too high to be climbed by you. You are a part of so many peoples lifes an we are proud of you!

  113. Sheila Greenwood

    Simply the best, better than all the rest. Thank you for all the years of helping us make memories.

  114. Saw you twice in concert. Simply the best! From your biggest fan. #foreverTina

  115. Teddy

    Happy birthday!!!! You are “simply the best “!!!!

  116. Anna stewart

    Happy sweet birthday Queen of Queens Tina Turner

  117. Happy Birthday Miss Turner, wish you many many more 👍💋💋💋🍷🎂🎉💐 from Amsterdam(The Netherlands)

  118. Thea McNairy

    Happy Birthday may you have. Many more blessed years. Today is my birthday also.

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  120. Matías

    Mi reina!!!! Feliz cumpleaños desde Argentina

  121. Péter Kosik

    Thank you for the music. Many Happy Returns Of The Day!

  122. Jim Major

    Happy Birthday Tina! I hope you enjoy your day! Much Love Jim

  123. Enrique Cabanela

    Happy birthday Tina. You are The Best!!! Enrique. From Spain.

  124. Horvath Laszlo Mircea

    Tina… the best,the loved,the unic… HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!! With love and respect and thanks for every song….

  125. Irene

    Happy Birthday Tina. You are my inspiration for looking after myself as I age (63 now). God Bless Your Year Ahead :)))

  126. Milesa Speranza

    Happy Birthday Ms. Tina! You are as beautiful as ever! NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO 🙏❤️🌹

  127. Linda Graves

    What a way , to start the day!!,, by seeing Ben’s post,,& seeing my most favorite person,& idol in the whole world!!,Tina Turner!!&look how beautiful you are 77,when I listen to your music, it makes me do happy, &, it puts me, in the best mood , I watch what’s love got do with it almost everyday, you have simply the best guy(Ben)in the whole world I love the way he loves and supports you, I have a guy(my husband)just like that he got very sick, almost died. He just went through a double lung transplant June 29 th , he has ups & downs, but is doing ok and is getting stronger, I remember, when you came to Salt lake city, Utah, with Lionel Richie, it was during a Utah Jazz play off they were away, you were singing you had on a Utah Jazz Jersy, &, high heels,, all of a sudden the crowd was going nuts running around you stopped and said in that great voice of yours, we’ll it looks like your Jazz made the play offs!!!, then you sang of course simply the best, &, behind you on the big screen during the song, was flashing all the Jazz team Karl Malone, John Stockton, etc, brilliant!!, thank you Ben, it’d be my dream to see Tina!!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOVE ALWAYS

    • Linda Graves

      I forgot to tell you Tina, my favorite song to play when I’m driving is Big Bold Sister!! Your voice is so raw & ruff, it’s incredible!!!, &, of course my all time favorite what’s love got to do with it soundtrack!!!
      P.S. your music makes me SO happy
      Not do happy!,
      I wish I could see you in concert
      Ben you’re simply the best thing that ever happened to Tina, it makes me smile your post,&, how proud you are of that beautiful lady!

    • Ben

      Thank you so much Linda for your kind words towards me and Miss Tina! Much appreciated! Have a great day!

  128. Fred

    Happy Birthday Ms Turner! Your THE BEST!

  129. Latryna Denise Carlton

    Happy BDay Ms. Turner you have always been an inspiration in life & faith!!!NMRK

  130. Ricardo Hector Matile

    Amo a Tina con toda mi alma. Le deseo un muy feliz cumpleaños y ojala Dios me de vida para conocerla. Un gran beso.

  131. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Tina!!!!!
    WE LOVE YOU!!!
    May this be the Greatest birthday of your life and every birthday there after be better then the last..
    Blessings in Abundance

  132. Adele

    Happy Birthday!

  133. Ken

    Happy birthday Tina. You are awesome. My very first concert live was yours in SA many years ago. Ellis park stadium. Have a wonderful birthday and a love filled year hugs Ken and Eddie

  134. melissa Sharpe

    Happy birthday Ms Tina…if I can look as good as you when I turn 70 even, I’d be a happy woman..you inspire me to be my best…

  135. Christa Schindler-Lenhof

    Best Wishes and the best for you.

  136. Happy Birthday dear Tina! May you be happy ❤ NMRK Best wishes from Berlin 🙂

  137. Erick

    Happy Birthday Tina.. Something BEAUTIFUL Remains….please make us another rock CD or plz do a movie….lol, enjoy Your day and your life….love yo from the depths of my heart.

  138. A Tina my dear Queen. You’re simple must better them before. You’re allways more yunger. I wisch you All My love from big Hertz. I love you só much.. Big birrhday dor you…Thankisgiving Tina Turner..

  139. chen and keren

    happy birthday to dear tina turner.we wish you good health long life.happiness and all the good things in this world.love you chen and keren

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