10 Insanely Great TINA Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know

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Crazy In The Night

In 1982, Tina Turner contributed two songs to the soundtrack of the movie Summer Lovers. A cover of the Robert Palmer song Johnny and Mary and the song Crazy In The Night. The first song was also later released on the 1994 The Collected Recordings 60’s to 90’s compilation box set, while the song Crazy In The Night was never released on CD. Crazy In The Night is actually a song written by George Porter, member of Australian rock band Sherbet.

Working Together

Workin’ Together is a 1971 album recorded and released by Ike & Tina Turner on the Liberty Records label. Their second album with the label, it was also their most successful album to date. Much like their previous album, Come Together, the album featured several covers of rock songs and also featured renewed versions of previous Ike & Tina songs, which was a habit for the couple. The album featured the duo’s biggest-selling hit, a funk rock styled cover of “Proud Mary” and also featured another popular Ike & Tina song, the Ike Turner & Alliene Bullock-composed “Funkier Than a Mosquita’s Tweeter”, later covered by Nina Simone. Several of the songs were written by Ike (including one by “Eki Renrut”, which is Ike Turner’s name backwards)and “The Way You Love Me” which was a song the Turners had recorded for their very first studio album together, The Soul of Ike & Tina Turner, a decade earlier.

Whole Lotta Love

“Whole lotta love” is a single from Tina Turner’s 1975 album Acid Queen and she is the “Acid Queen” in the movie “Tommy”. Is is a cover version. It is originally from Led Zeppelin, from their album “Led Zeppelin 2”.
Tina’s version is more laid back, but as powerful as the original.
“Whole lotta love” is obviously about having sex. There have been many speculations about more hidden meanings, but I think the main meaning is that it is about having sex and giving the other all the love he has to give.

When I Was Young

“When I Was Young” is a song with a countercultural theme released in early 1967 by Eric Burdon, with The Animals and was written by five of the band members Eric Burdon (vocals), Barry Jenkins (drums), John Weider (guitar/violin), Vic Briggs (guitar) and Danny McCulloch (bass).

Don’t Turn Around 

Don’t Turn Around is a popular song written by Albert Hammond and Diane Warren. It was originally recorded by Tina Turner as the B-side to the single “Typical Male” in 1986. Warren is said to have been disappointed that Turner’s record company treated the song as a B-side and never included it on one of her albums. However it has since been included on the rarities disc of the 1994 compilation The Collected Recordings – Sixties to Nineties. It has been covered by a number of artists, most notably Aswad in 1988 and Ace of Base in 1994.

Complicated Disaster

Complicated Disaster is a track from her 2004 greatest hits Compilation: All The Best. The song was released as a promotional single in Europe in 2005. “Complicated Disaster” was one of three new recordings from All The Best, the other two being “Something Special” and the previously released single “Open Arms”.

Edith & The Kingpin

Like many of Mitchell’s songs, the lyrics are rich with imagery as she tells a story. This song explores the relationship between a powerful crime boss and the object of his affection.
“Edith” in this song was inspired by the famous French singer Edith Piaf.
In an interview with Mojo magazine February 2008, Joni Mitchell was discussing her songwriting: “Sometimes you write about the exact thing you saw, but other times you take something that happened over here and put it with something over there. In ‘Edith And The Kingpin,’ part of it is from a Vancouver pimp I met and part of it is Edith Piaf. It’s a hybrid, but all together it makes a whole truth.”

Easy As Life

Easy As Life is the fourteenth song in Elton John’s and Tim Rice’s musical Aida.
The song comes after the Princess Aida is confronted by her captured father for her feelings for the Egyptian Leader of the Guard Radames. Her father orders her to cut all ties with her lover, and thus she tries to convince herself that she can easily get over, or better yet, never was in love with to being with.

I’ll Never Need More Than This 

Out from the River Deep Mountain High album, the song wasn’t featured on the first releases of the album but on later versions. Jeff Barry considers the latter, a dramatic tour de force for Tina’s pipes and Spector’s orchestra, a sister song to “River Deep.”

Keep Your Hand Off my Baby

Out from the Private Dancer single, (one version has the B-side “Nutbush City Limits” and other versions has the B-side “Keep Your Hands Off My Baby). This track has been a rare track for years, until it was released on a remastered version of the “Private Dancer” 30th anniversary Album in 2015.
“Keep Your Hands Off My Baby” is a great rock song that tell us the story about a marriage wrecker. A woman who tries to tempt someone else’s man. We love Tina’s vocals on this song and gives you the superb 80’s rock feeling.

7 Replies to “10 Insanely Great TINA Songs Only Hardcore Fans Know”

  1. Oh my god I’m devastated!! Are you serious? Well, I better shut my mouth about knowing all things Tina. I can’t believe it! Edith and the Kingpin? Keep Your Hands Off My Baby? I know about half of them…well I’ll just turn it around and look at it like a Xmas gift because the sax/piano mixed with Tina on Edith is mind blowing…listening to it took me there, what a stunning song! STUNNING!!!


  2. Funny thing on the other Tina blog someone calling himself a huge Tina fan was not happy why Dont turn around was on the musical while clearly it was not Tina song,lol I did not bother to correct.


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