A Message from TINA

Tina Turner Musical - London 2018 .jpgA new musical based on music legend Tina Turner’s life story is now in development:

“To me this is big, this is what will get people’s attention, and in order to make it as good as possible I must be involved”.

Tina pictured with director Phyllida Lloyd and Adrienne Warren who performed the role of Tina Turner at the recent workshop of the musical. Get closer to Tina’s journey, sign up now!

Visit TINA The Musical and subscribe to their Twitter & Facebook .

Tina Turner - Phyllida Lloyd - Adrienne Warren- TINA The Musical - London 2018 .jpg

Phyllida Lloyd – Tina Turner – Adrienne Warren

Source Twitter:  TINA The Musical


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8 responses to “A Message from TINA

  1. Christl

    Absolutely! Merry Christmas🙏😀♐️🎄🇨🇼

  2. Jackie

    incredible tina she looks amazing!! I wish there was more new tina turner music !!!!

  3. Bruce Fruean

    As Tina Turner fan for years, I hope many women/people world wide will see her as an inspiration. Even into her 70s I am still interested to hear and know what Miss Turner is doing and how she is doing. I seen Miss Turn’s story on a TV documentary and News paper articles etc. Has there been a book written or co written by miss Turner herself. It would be great to hear about her in her own words. Wish youu all Miss Turner fans a great Christmas & a Safe Happy New Year.

  4. Emily Geldbaugh

    She still looks beautiful, love her music.
    Forever a fan, looking forward to hearing more about the musical.

    Emily Geldbaugh, Land O Lakes, Fl.


    I can’t wait for the Broadway show to come

    My idol Tina Turner

  6. Hi, this is Kimla Lavesita Williams songwriter in The Library of Congress producer and all would have loved to played a the part in that congratulations Mrs.Turner

  7. Nilda Aparecida Santos

    Oi, sou fã da Tina Turner, desde a minha adolescência!!! Continuo amando suas músicas!!! Sua voz continua potente!!! Aguardo seu novo trabalho!!! Feliz Ano Novo!!! De muita luz paz,amor e saúde!!! Sucesso sempre!!!!

  8. Lynn

    Well, its about time. Now, that’s a Christmas gift I’ll never forget. Can’t wait to see the musical. I love Tina,

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