Paris Loves TINA


It seems like everywhere in the world there’s hidden gems celebrating TINA. From the never dying posters surviving under a bridge in Germany to window painting of the Queen in a deserted St Louis street, here is a new found one in Paris. Located near the famous Moulin Rouge cabaret, this beautiful piece of street art has been created by artist Ilèa and now appears on the walls of the Rue Planquette. Don’t know if it will be permanent but if you ever are in Paris soon, guess it’s a nice spot to get your picture taken with TINA! Thanks to Gustavo for the tip!




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4 responses to “Paris Loves TINA

  1. Debora de la cruz

    She is the best

  2. laurel

    She does beautiful work! Thanks so much for sharing

  3. Rosie

    This is fantastic! The art looks great and so do you Ben 😉
    Thanks a lot for sharing this on the blog, amazing work!

  4. Vilmânia

    Encantadora! Sempre. Parabéns ao artista.

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