When Tina Turned the Country On!


Tina Turner Turns the country on

Have a read to this great piece written by Michelle Lindsey for Highwayqueens.com about one of TINA’s less known album: ‘Tina Turns the Country On’

Highway Queens

The early life of Anna Mae Bullock sounds like the story of a potential country music star – she was raised in rural Tennessee, she worked in the fields, she only listened to country and western on the radio, she spent her childhood singing in church, her parents abandoned her and she raised herself the hard way. However instead of taking the path to the Grand Ole Opry she joined Ike Turner’s rhythm and blues band in St Louis, became Tina Turner and the rest is music history.

In the sixties and early seventies everything about her life was under Ike’s megalomaniacal control – it was his name, his songs, his style, his fist, his way. When Tina released her debut solo album, Tina Turns the Country On! in 1974this signalled the beginning of her attempt to break with Ike both personally and professionally. While ultimately a commercial…

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8 responses to “When Tina Turned the Country On!

  1. Glam Slam

    Nice read, if very subjective.
    Now I have a question here. What about those OTHER country songs she recorded on The Only One/Soul Kiss/Soul Deep? When did those sessions take place? They sound very 70s after Ike judging by her voice and arrangements. Is there any data available??


  2. Olivier

    Yeah Ben, a great article for a great -grammy nominated- album ! Don’t understand why an HD reissue on CD still doesn’t exists, in spite of this crazy amount of more or less official compilations of her sixties and seveties material… pppfff

    • Thanks for reading – I appreciate it coming from other Tina fans. It’s crazy how this is not on cd or reissued vinyl! I would love to see it on streaming services at the very least x

  3. Joseph Bambang

    Your face is still the same when singing with Chuck Berry, lively like squirrel lomcat here hehee good luck ya Tina

  4. Tinaroo

    Nice writing, almost a poem! Thanks!!
    Wonderful album to me, especially Bayou Song, I love that song very much!! Let’s hope we’re gonna get it digitalized pretty soon!!
    There will always be music!!

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