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The Ramada Hotel in Dallas, TX where Tina stayed after leaving Ike Turner thirty one years ago back in July 1976 closed down a few years ago. After being totally rebuild, it reopened recently as a hip Art centric boutique Hotel under the name:  ‘Lorenzo’. Located on the vibrant Cedars area of downtown Dallas, ‘over 600 original works of art ignite your imagination and suspend your disbelief. Andy Warhol meets Alice in Wonderland amid breathtaking Dallas skyline views. Draw on the wisdom and creativity of historical luminaries including Copernicus, Shakespeare, Kandinsky, Seneca, Einstein and many others.’

But there is another legendary name to add to that list and a new ‘photo spot‘ for us fans! The new owners didn’t forget our Queen and the former hotel history: In order to celebrate Tina’s legacy,  visitors will have the pleasure to see the cover of Tina’s comeback album Private Dancer displayed in the hotel lobby! A great gesture and a nice way to remember that you should always focus on your dreams and make it happen one way or another!

A last reminder if you plan to sleep there: you might need more than thirty six cents and a Mobil card to get the presidential suite! Unless your name is Tina Turner!

10 Replies to “36 Cents & A Mobil Card”

    1. The Statler was the one she LEFT, where she & Ike were scheduled to perform. She walked from there to the Ramada (now Lorenzo) with just 36 cents and a Mobil card.


    2. No it was the Ramada Inn when Tina Turner went in and asked for the mgr. who was just wonderful to her he gave her their Presidential Suite, that mgr I bet never forgot that night, what a complete gentleman, I wonder what would happen today if someone was in trouble would they be taken care of, I liked it when the mgr. told the desk clerk give miss turner the key to her room, so cool it was 1974


      1. Laura James, she left the Statler and went to the Ramada which is now the Lorenzo and it was 1976, not not 1974.


    3. The story is on the website of The Lorenzo Hotel, Dallas. With the name of the hotel Tina left (where Ike was), and the hotel where they took care of her (Ramada Inn. later named The Lorenzo Hotel).


  1. I’ve always wondered if Tina ever went back to pay the manager for being such a nice person to let her stay at the Ramada for free after leaving Ike that horrific night.


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