2. Tina Art Work.JPGGot my tickets!  Thanks to priority booking from the people at Tina, The Musical, fans can already book their seats for the show! Use the code ‘Tinafirst‘ to get early access to booking! After a few stressful minutes on the website, I finally got my hands on tickets for Opening Night and the following show! TINA, The Musical will open for preview(s) at the Aldwych Theatre in London on March 21st 2018. The official Premiere will take place April 17, 2018 (not on sale yet). The Aldwych Theatre is currently closed and undergoing a multi-million-pound restoration and refurbishment programme to return the theatre to its original 1905 grandeur.

Tina Turner - Erwin Bach - Roger Davies - London 2017 TINA The Musical Workshop.pngTina Turner - TINA The Musical - London 2018.jpgTINA says the hunt for the actress to portray her continues:

She will definitely have to be able to sing,’ she says, ‘even if she can’t dance. But she will dance, because the choreographer (Anthony van Laast) of the show will be able to pull it out of her!
‘We’re not pushing that she has to be pretty; but she has to be in shape. She can’t be fat.’

Read more from this  extensive new interview TINA gave to Baz Bamigboye for the Daily Mail.

General sale for TINA The Musical will start here on September 22, 2017.

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73 Replies to “TINA The Musical: Book Now!”

  1. Tina,
    I am a Chicago impersonator, who meets your requirements to play you. I have very strong vocals and sound just like and I am pretty, and my dancing is good. I started out as a Chicago street performer at age 55 to see if I had IT! I quickly got fan and media recognition for protraying you so well! What makes me one of the best Tina Turner tribute artist, is the fact that there are so many similarities in our experiences. I had to literally start all over at age 50, with nothing due to a bad decision to get remarried and uproot from the city of Chicago, where I have lived most of my life, but originally from the South like you Tina. The story goes much deeper than that. Fans of the great Icon Tina Turner, please help me get this message to her. I promise you, you eant ever regret it. my website is http://www.DorothyRoberson

    Thanks All
    Dorothy Roberson/ Chicago’s Tina Turner

      1. Hello Ben
        we got now our Musical Tickets for the 21th, too. But how do we get to the Opening Nights ? Do you know if Tina will be there? We are from Germany and thought the Premiere would be the 21st of March 😳 now I’d read on this Blog it will take place the 17th of April?!

      2. Hello Julia! Indeed, the Opening Night is on March 21st but the Premiere for the press and probably guests and TINA will take place on April 17 2018. Tickets aren’t on sale yet for this date 🙂

  2. Lined this up for a special evening with my youngest son and daughter law whom I haven’t seen for 3 years. Long way to come from New Zealand! So a special family night at a very special show. Tinged with a little sadness that it couldn’t have been the 17th April that’s life! Looking forward to the release of the 4th Beyond, the World needs to listen. Happy life to all and every success for Tina The Musical.

    1. Wow thanks for sharing your story Amala! Really happy to read that TINA & her musical are bringing this family reunion! I am sure it will be a memorable evening! Most of the fan club will be present of March 21st! Don’t hesitate to say hello if you see a big loud group with TINA t shirt! 🙂 All the best!

  3. Hey i wanted to know if tina will be there on 21 first of March Cuz I’m from Tunisia and i’m a big fan of Tina thanks and i hope that she’ll perform one day in my country

  4. Tina ❤️ I love your music and have watched you movie you are such an aspiring women❤️ I would love for you to come to San Diego, California and see you perform 🙏 You are on my bucket list of performers to still see❤️ Make my wish come true ❤️ We will greet you with open arms ❤️ See you soon❤️

  5. Have my tickets and am so excited about the play AND about seeing so many Tina friends! Can’t wait!!! This reminds me of the trip to England for Tina’s last 2 concerts in 2009 — aaaahhh if only :-(!

    1. Fantastic!!! We are going to have a blast like every time we are together but it’s gonna be extra special!! Can’t wait! Love you Martina, thanks for commenting! ❤️

  6. I have my ticket and I’m stoked! It’ll be amazing to meet up with so many fans from the US again as well as the European fans! Can’t wait!!

    1. Yeah Chris!!!! Gonna be the first real reunion of the US & Euro TINA fans since Arnhem 2009! It’s gonna be huuuugee!!! Thanks for your comment Chris! See you in Amsterdam! 🙂

    1. Hello Sjef, I will also attend the function on the 21st, I will go alone, and I will probably be moving from Spain on April 17th as well.
      I wanted to know if you’re going solo or going to a fan meeting. I am very interested.

  7. Ben can I have a question to you? Do you have a girlfriend? Or are you so in love in Tina that you dont want to have any girlfriend? And you doing great job with this blog.

    1. Hey Roxi, what a surprising comment 😉 Of course the love I have for TINA isn’t comparable to the ‘real feeling of love’. I admire her, I respect her, she is my hero, anything you can think of, but I’ve never seen TINA as a substitute for love, that would be sad and quite scary 😉 And for the record I am single! Interested? 😉 Best! Ben

      1. But when you admire a woman than you cant love her? But you have good point of view. I am Tinas fan too, and yes interested, why not 🙂

  8. Just got my tickets for April 16th! Intention is to head down to the theatre the following night to hopefully catch a glimpse of Ms Turner. Countdown has begun!

    1. Haha that’s very clever MK!! She’ll probably show up on that date! Apparently not that much place in front of the theater to catch a glimpse of the Queen but you never know 🙂 Thanks for commenting MK!

  9. Hi, how are you?
    I am interested in selling a premium ticket for March 21st.
    If someone is interested please contact me.
    Thank you!

  10. Hi Ben, love your blog, you’re doing a great job! Got my tickets for opening night, 21st March!! Can’t wait, hope to meet up with you all….rolling….. !!!

    1. Hello Gavin! Thank you so much for your kind words regarding the TINA blog! 🙂 Great to know you’ll be among all the fans for Opening Night of the Musical! Don’t hesitate to say hi! 🙂

  11. please change it and let Tina singing in this musica ! Or Jazmine Sullivan, she has great voice too ! But Warren is bad choice, she has to weak voice to play Tina. W want t he real Tina please !

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