Tina Turner Now - 2017 (Tina Turner at 77)

Over the past eight years, the legendary Tina Turner has made worldwide headlines mostly without having to leave her peaceful retreat on the shore of Zurich’s Lake. Her name alone is sufficient to sell papers and her rarity makes her even more unreachable. But for now, the reclusive singer is back to promote the most anticipated musical of 2018, TINA, The Musical!

‘I get cards and letters. People say I gave them hope. It means so much to people. I have to pass it on. I really want it to be a success. I hope it will travel the world and serve what that the people need, from me as a reminder of my work.’

Earlier this week, a radiant Tina appeared in front of 150 happy few to introduce the very talented Adrienne Warren who will play her part in the upcoming musical. Looking incredible at nearly 78, Tina even took the stage with Warren to perform a short medley of her greatest hits. Needless to say, the atmosphere must have been electric! Being a faithful supporter of the musical since the beginning and after 8 years of blogging on TINA, gaining more than 500.000k followers, I wished I could have been there to report on this once in a lifetime event but that didn’t happen… Maybe another time… Tina showed there’s always hope so there’s still hope! But of course, no one wants to read about a sad blogger feelings, back to the Queen!

To continue with the promotion of the upcoming musical, Tina will appear on the Jonathan Ross Show broadcasted on the UK channel ITV,  Saturday, October 28th, 2017. The singer has even been spotted at the network studios right after the musical launch party creating a small buzz on Twitter! A major TV moment to look forward to being Tina’s first European interview since the promotion of ‘All The Best‘ back in 2004. Tina’s last long featured interview was of course with Oprah a few weeks after her wedding back in 2013.

Exciting times for all of us fans and we can bet that there will be much more inspiring and surprising things coming from TINA and the musical in the forthcoming months. Tickets are already selling like hot cakes and fans across the world are already asking for the show to visit their country. With the huge team of talents working on the musical, we can be pretty confident that it will be a tremendous hit. Tina always got the best simply because She is The Best! Stay in touch with the blog for all the upcoming news on TINA!
Tina Turner in London 2017- TINA Musical Launch Party
TINA, The Musical is written by Katori Hall with Frank Ketelaar and Kees Prins, directed by Phyllida Lloyd, with choreography by Anthony van Laast.
Book your seat for TINA, The Musical at the Aldrich Theater in London here and visit TinaTheMusical website!

30 Replies to “TINA Is Back!”

  1. Waren is not another tina and will never be ! tina is only one! Sorry but I cant see any talent in Waren and she is irelevant to me, in my poinion she is screaming not singing and she is lack of carisma. In karaoke are more talented people. I dislike this musical with Waren. please change it ! . Millions of fans want to hear the real tina singing in this musical..! . Waren is only very bad copy of tina. I ove tina ,in he whole world is only one tina!


    1. Warren is not trying to be Tina Turner she is portraying her in a musical Ms Warren is beautiiful like Tina exstreamly talented and she has that powerful energy that will take you down memory lane of Tina Turners most loved music


    2. Hey, how can you dislike a thing that hasn’t been released yet? You should give Miss Warren a chance if she has been chosen, it’s probably for excellent reasons and because she is talented. Here is what TINA said:

      “It has been my joy to introduce Adrienne today. From the moment I met her at our last workshop I saw her exceptional talent. Playing this role will require immense physical and emotional commitment, and bravery too. We are thrilled to have found Adrienne, and I very much look forward to spending more time together and developing a special friendship I know will grow even stronger as we prepare the production for the Aldwych Theatre. We can’t wait to welcome her to the show.”



      1. Well ,Tina said it to the press and because its Musical about her. But what she really think is a differen thing. I have heard a lot of people singing Tinas songs, and Waren is not the best of them. She is really average ,nothing special . And I think that this Musical has no sense. We have youtube.. I prefer to watch Tinas tours and perfomances then Musical in them somebody sings her songs. What is interesting in it? I love Tina, because I love her voice and carisma. I am not interested to hear her songs performed by someone else. It have no sense for fans, who are in love in her voice.
        This Musical has nothing to do with memories about Tinas work. Tinas work is on youtube and on her CDs. We fans dont need this Musical. Maybe the people will attend the Musical but only because they are missing Tina on the stage. But I dont think that it will be a great sucess. everybody who saw Tina live in the past , will be dissapaointed by watching this Musical. We dont need bad copies. Tina is only one, very rare talent.


    3. Yeah i heard how Warren sounds. She’s not good at all. She doesn’t have any of Tina’s movements. She is so stiff and awful. Please change it!!!


  2. Wareen seems in this video not to have any respect to Tina, she forget whos Tina is? Is she thinking that Tina is her friend? She takes Tinas hand and forced her to go to the stage. Is disrespectful.


    1. Hey dr, I don’t think this was meant to be disrespectful at all, it must have been very intimidating for Miss Warren to share the stage with TINA and I don’t see anything bad about that gesture 😉 Best! Ben


  3. Mes petits loups👏Encore un grand merci pour les news🏃On vous aime simplement✌ Et voir Tina ne peut que nous donner des énergies pour aller de l’avant💤Good Energy👍 Addicted to Love💌


  4. love tina so much.everyday listening to her music.cant believe even in the future will be a singer ,performer like her.so uniqe .thank you for this blog and all the news.


  5. Just to say something about this, to me the best thing here is that Tina came out again, and she even sung some songs (I wish we could watch that performance!!)
    I’m so sorry they didn’t invite our lovely Ben, so we could have had a nearer view about the whole thing.
    But Tina is out!! That’s great. Something beautiful remains!! Burn baby burn!!


    1. Yes, you’re absolutely right! TINA is back and in great shape that is definitely an exciting news and the most important for us fans! 🙂 Thanks for your comment Tinaroo! Best!


  6. Why do you always pointing Tina her age? I know that you dont want to be rude or something but I mus say you as a woman that we women dont like to hear all the time about our age 😉 I know that you are ceebrating Tina Birthday and we know how old Tina is but why are you writing about her age all the time? A man should not point a woman her age 🙂 We women are ageless 🙂


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