TINA The Musical, Goodie bag

Fun news from the TINA Musical team:

We have backstage photos and interviews from our official Launch event plus details of how you can win an exclusive TINA goodie bag, ready to share with our TINA Family on Monday!

Head to TINA, The Musical website now and sign up today to make sure you don’t miss out!

20 Replies to “Win A TINA Goodie Bag!”

  1. Grew up in an abusive home & What’s Love Got to do with It helped me work through recurrent issues. Love & admire you & your music forever-have followed your career since in HS- PLUS-we share the same birth day-me 11/26/1953. Thanks


  2. Since 1984 What´s Love Star won this Fan, It´s Magic to hear Tina each time, I,m still looking for vinil Records couldn´t afford then. Now It´s time to get some lovely Autographed Items 🙂


  3. Since i heared music i know Tina turner. She is the best to inspire human beings with her strengh and power she shared on stage. THANK YOU FOR THAT. I LOVE YOU! Xxx


  4. Waren is very weak so I am not fan of this Musical. This Musical will be like bad karaoke because Waren is lack of talent and lack of charisma. Its my opinion and please accept it. I love Tina, she is number one for me , but I dislike Waren.


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