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TINA The Musical Cast

Opening Night on March 21st is already sold out and the cast for the most anticipated musical of 2018, TINA The Musical has been unveiled yesterday! In addition to Adrienne Warren who will star as TINA, we now know who will play the part of Ike, Zelma, Alline, Erwin, and Roger. Although Roger, Zelma, and Alline already entered the legend when portrayed in the 1993 Disney biopic ‘What’s Love Got To Do With It’, it is the first time that Erwin, Tina’s husband, and Craig, her first son, will be characterized!  Also a big surprise in the cast with a part for Rhonda Graam, Tina’s longtime assistant and friend who will be played by Francesca Jackson.

Tina Turner and cast of TINA The Musical (2017)
Source: Skiak36 (Instagram)

The rock ’n’ roll goddess has agreed to the casting of Kobna Holdbrook-Smith to play singer and music arranger Ike Turner, who controlled Tina physically, mentally and legally for 16 years, in the musical TINA, which previews at the Aldwych Theatre from March 21.

It might be painful having to watch him on stage, but I know he’s being played by an actor and he can’t hurt me

Tina worked closely with director Phyllida Lloyd, writer Katori Hall and producer Tali Pelman, the three main architects of the musical based on Turner’s turbulent years with her first husband and her years of freedom when she summoned the courage to walk out on Ike.

TINA, The Musical Cast:
Adrienne Warren: Tina Turner
Jenny Fitzpatrick: Tina Turner (Alternate)
Kobna Holdbrook-Smith: Ike Turner
Madeline Appiah: Zelma Bullock
Francesca Jackson: Rhonda Graam
Lorna Gayle: Grandma Georgeanna
Aisha Jawando: Alline Bullock / Ikette
Gerard McCarthy: Erwin Bach
Ryan O’ Donnell: Roger Davies
Kit Esuruoso: Craig Turner
Natey Jones: Richard Bullock / Raymond Hill
Tom Godwin: Phil Spector / Terry Britten

They are joined by ensemble members Tsemaye Bob-Egbe, Keisher Downie, Jammy Kasongo, Sia Kiwa, Jason Langley, Kayleigh McKnight, Baker Mukasa and Tanisha Spring and swings Derek Aidoo, Gavin Alex, Edward Bourne, Candace Furbert, Hannah Jay-Allan and Rodney Vubya.

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13 Replies to “TINA The Musical Cast Unveiled”

  1. Ola sou a sofia amo a tina gostava de saber quando a tina vai fazer um conserto na suisse eu adorava ve- la sou fã numero 1 dela adoro so de ouvir choro .


    1. Hola Tina não fara más shows infelizmente ela está cansada São mas 50 años fazendo shows ela mesmo falou agora se vai dedicar a disfrutar da vida 🙏🏼


  2. waren should not play Tina, because waren is vocally very weak and as person very irrelevant. She have not one percent of Tina great talent. Sad that she was choosen, it is a mistake. Interesting thing is with Craig and erwin, that they will take a part :D.


  3. Hi😍Super le casting😘Merci beaucoup pour les photos et les infos💥On souhaite Tina et toute l’équipe👏Bonne continuation💋On vous aime très fort💞💞💞💞


  4. I really do not think she will make a good Tina, I hope it is a success for Tina but I believe that Adrienne is a mistake. Good luck though.


  5. Beginning to wonder what is the motivation behind this project Tina you have said so many times the past is the past, now comments like Kobna is only an actor and can’t hurt me why would you think anything else With the film and the book I only hope that the criticism of Adrienne doesn’t go any futher. Was so impressed with the interviews you gave on the Beyond albums this is beginning to negate a lot of your very private and spiritual views on life. Apologies if this offends, just an observation.


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