In just two months, the most anticipated musical of 2018, TINA, The Musical, will open in London! And for this very special event, fans are gonna gather once again for what is expected to be the biggest fan reunion since Tina’s last tour!

Fans from all over the world will be meeting for an unforgettable TINA Day starting first with a lunch in a Soho’s restaurant but in small committee, 60+ people only… Like a Tina show, the restaurant was sold out under two minutes so we won’t be able to welcome people who didn’t book yet.

But, be reassured, the main fun will take place later that day! To extend the fun and the high  from the Musical, an after show party for fans will take place at the Freedom Bar in Soho, London. This time we are not in charge of the program but thanks to the one and only Anja, we found this TINA Themed party organized by the Freedom Bar with a special show program so we thought that would be a fun place for fans to gather and party!

Please note that Tina Turner or TINA,The Musical are not involved in this event! It is a simple gathering party brought together by fans for fans! Entrance is free and party will starts at 11pm! See you there!

11 Replies to “TINA Day: Coming Soon!”

  1. Bonjour ben,
    Dommage qu’il n’y ai plus de place au Freedom Bar pour le dîner. Ça aurait été avec plaisir de faire ta connaissance. Je viendrais donc à la soirée après le spectacle bien entendu !


  2. Thank you Robert. If you could email me the returns label that would be great. Would I get a refund or a replacement pair of shoes?  Best Wishes Matt

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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