Stage Entertainment is pleased to confirm that due to exceptional public demand over 100,000 new tickets will go on sale today (Friday 26 January 2018) at 12noon GMT for TINA, the new musical based on the life of legendary artist Tina Turner. Officially opening at the Aldwych Theatre on 17 April 2018, with previews beginning on 21 March 2018, the show is now booking to 20 October 2018.
Tina Turner - Musical Interview 2018Also today, the Producers release the first of three short films charting the development of this world premiere. Phyllida Lloyd, Director of TINA, visits Tina Turner to talk about life, music and the stage. From the Academy Award-winning producer Simon Chinn (Man on Wire and Searching for Sugarman), the shorts, produced by Lightbox, will be available to watch exclusively on the official TINA website and social media channels.

Written by Katori Hall with Frank Ketelaar and Kees Prins, the choreography is by Anthony van Laast, with set and costume designs by Mark Thompson, musical supervision by Nicholas Skilbeck, lighting by Bruno Poet, sound by Nevin Steinberg, projection design by Jeff Sugg and orchestrations by Ethan Popp.

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16 Replies to “TINA Booms At The Box Office”

  1. Will Tina Turner be coming to the United States? Hopefully California! I absolutely love Tina Turner….when I see her perform it brings rays of energy to me as a woman….and knowing success is always out there…we all just have to try a little harder….no matter what we have been through in life. Tina Turner is the best!!! I do hope and pray she comes to California…I follow her blog and I would love to see her again….Thank you Tina Turner.


  2. Merci mes amours pour les informations🐚Vous faîtes toujours un travail formidable🌸On sent la tendresse et des sensations nouvelles dans tout ce que vous écrivez🌵🌵Good energy pour Tina💕BIG KISS💞💞💞


  3. Once again she is doing it for her fans, that’s why I have always loved her, she is selfless. I hope it is a success, I hope it makes it to America. New York, Washington, DC, California, etc, I would just love to see this musical. Tina if you read these notes, I love you very much, to this day, you are still my favorite of all.


  4. We wish good luck with the musical .Love her.Beautiful soul.There’s no a day without a song of her.I dont forget when I pray for friends. relatives ,sick people,for a kind of thank you I dedicate a chapter and wish a good health to her and her husband.Love this blog


  5. TINA !!! My IINSPIRATION…My .IDOL….I pray your life is everything you’ve wished for in your WILDEST DREAMS !! I ADORE your strength, humanity, compassion…in spite of the horrendous abuse you endured……Always hoped I could be as forgiving as you !! Much RESPECT & ADMIRATION, dear TINA…waiting for your play to come to the U.S.A.!! GOD BLESS YOU & YOUR BEAUTIFUL FAMILY!! ❤


  6. Thankyou Tina for answering my question of motivation Causes and conditions with a touch of positive karma will give this the success you and all who love you, another milestone in your very unique life. Tho che chey


  7. Hi Ms Tina your musical will definitely be a great success. You are truly amazing for your talent look and charm. I m glad you are putting together this music. I’m truly happy you married the gentleman of your life. Much happiness and success.


  8. Dear Tina,
    Just wanted to tell you that this 53 yr old Michigan gal loves you and your music , your spirit , and beauty ! I’m so sad I never got to see you in concert !!!
    Wishing you all the best in 2018


  9. Miss Tina February 10,2018

    Very sorry.
    I have never got to see you in Rockford, Illinois or any place.
    You are one in a Million.
    So this 68 year old women will wait to see you on T.V.
    All the best to you what ever you do.

    May God Bless


  10. For Tina. I am sure there are many, who have found you the inspiration that you are. who never got to see you in concert,. Me being one of them. With 2 boys to care for solo I literally couldn’t afford a ticket. Now some 30 years on having reached some of my goals I fly home from New Zealand after many years, and accompany one of those boys and his wife to your show. Not you in person but will suffice. Om Gate gate paragate paramsamgate bodhi svah..


  11. Hello Ms. Tina Turner,
    Congrats on marrying your longtime love!!!!!
    Congrats on your life musician, because it is already a success.
    Now, this 62 year old woman of color hails from the deep South (Vicksburg, Mississippi) . I love you so much I think I still have a pair of Hanes Stocking with you and those beautiful legs hahaha. Lady, you had every black woman who felt like they could and needed to wear Hanes lolol.
    Ms.Tina, I have done some dancing and finger pop to your great song forever and still enjoying your music , as a matter of facts I have a daughter that is a recording Blues and Soul Artist. This young lady is 35 and she sings some of your songs when she perform. Ms. Tina Turner , she would make you so proud.
    I wish your musicial would make it to Mississippi, but if not I do understand and my love for you and your music will still be the same. This feels so good writing you in hopes you will have a few minutes to just read.
    Love you…….Shirley


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