Great surprise last night for the cast of London’s hit musical ‘Hamilton’ with an impromptu visit from the Queen of Rock herself accompanied by her husband Erwin Back and musical producer Joop Van Den Ende! Tina greeted the cast after their performance leaving all of them in awe. Lead actress Rachelle Ann Go, who herself has been making quite a name in the theater scene, turned into a fangirl as she gushed about the iconic singer. Here’s what she wrote on her Instagram while sharing the photo:

 “TINA TURNER!!! I grew up singing her songs! What a legend! I couldn’t believe this,”

Tina Turner has her own musical opening in London next month, Tina The Musical, which is already extended to October due to overwhelming ticket demand.

Photo: Rachelle Ann Go Instagram 
Video: Jason Penny Cooke Instagram
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6 Replies to “Hamilton Meets TINA”

  1. Gosto muito de ouvi Tina. Queria muito vê-la pessoalmente. Parabéns galera, pelo trabalho que vem realizando com Ela. Meu carinho a todos.


  2. Deseo tanto conocerla parecerá extraño pero ver y oír cantar a tina me ayuda enormemente con la pena por la muerte de mi hijo Federico de 28 años por un golpe en la cabeza jugando fútbol. el siempre m traía vídeos de Tina que curioso? El ya no está y Tina calma mi tristeza gracias reina. Lamento vivir tan lejos y no poder verte en persona solo para agradecerte tu calidez y tu bondad con mi alma beso enorme


    1. Ms. Tessa, maybe you can google or search on Youtube who Rachelle Ann Go is before you write that it’s probably her only success was seeing Ms. TINA TURNER. Then maybe you can write back what have you seen on YouTube. THANK YOU.


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