In only a couple of weeks, the TINA Musical will open its door at the Aldwych Theatre in London. Almost ten years ago at that same period Tina Turner was heavily touring the UK as a part of her 50th Anniversary Tour. Back in April 2009, Tina performed for 2 more shows in Dublin, Ireland. She had already played 2 shows at the same venue in March. All four concerts were sold out in record time. Surely, one of the best gigs of the tour. Tina and the band were in a great mood. Originally planned to be the final shows of the tour, Tina, band and crew celebrated a tour closing party at the Guinness brewery. The audience was singing along to all of the songs, and the venue, an amphitheater, made sure everybody was close to the stage, making these the most intimate concerts of the tour.

Incredible atmosphere captured during this fiery rendition of Proud Mary where after almost 2H on stage and at nearly 70 years old at the time, TINA truly gives it all, leaving the audience mesmerised. All in all, an unforgettable experience! Below you’ll find a selection of songs from TINA performing in Dublin and photos taken by Sjef during the concerts on April 11 and 12.

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – Steamy Windows

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – River Deep Mountain High

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – What You Get Is What You See

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – What’s Love Got To Do With it

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – Private Dancer

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – We Don’t Need Another Hero

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – Let’s Stay Together

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – Undercover Agent For The Blues

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – Addicted To Love

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – The Best

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – Nutbush City Limits

TINA Live in Dublin 2009 – Be Tender With Me Baby

5 Replies to “Sing It Dublin!”

  1. I was there it was my first ever concert and I had a blast no concert since has lived up to that one night in Dublin.


      1. I’m unable to put into words what it was like the atmosphere was incredible it’s like nothing I’ve ever witnessed or felt in my life.


  2. Saw Tina in lots of venues for that tour – Dublin was by far the best. Great venue, Tina was on fire and of course us Irish gave her the audience she deserves.


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