– Can you do the Pony?

– Yes…

– Do a little bit!


Just 5 days short from Opening Night! TINA The Musical team has just released the third and final episode of their mini-series taking you behind the musical’s scenes! Follow Adrienne’s Warren journey and be prepared to discover that the Queen Of Rock hasn’t lost an inch of her energy and humor! At nearly 80, TINA is still an inspiration to millions, pushing the limits even further away!


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4 Replies to “Move Like Turner”

  1. In my opinion Warren has awful voice. She should not play Tina because Tina is the best in the whole world and Warren has no talent. I am sorry to say it but its my opinion.


  2. Keep your hate to yourself! Tina Turner is all about joy! No one can replace Tina, but Adrienne is courageous within her right to even attempt to portray our icon!


  3. Had I known where and when auditions were being held, I would have had the audacity the show up…I’ve been obcesed with Tina Turner since I was a child.of 4


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