First things first: You won’t find any spoiler about TINA The Musical in this article. I know that some people, who didn’t even attend the show, already put the whole plot on their website but you’ll not find any breakdown or details of the story here. The show is still in previews and it would be totally unfair to the Musical Team and to the fans to unveil everything before you can get the chance to experience it yourself and before its official opening in April.
Just book your ticket now and trust me, you are in for a very big surprise! That being said, let me share a few things with you…

Tina Turner Musical 2018 - Adrienne Warren
(c) Manuel Harlan

It was a night TINA fans had been waiting for a very long time and expectations were pretty high…
If the tension outside the Aldwych was palpable, the atmosphere inside the theater was electrical.
People showing from every corner of the world to get the chance to experience an unforgettable theatrical moment and that what we got!

Miss Warren is simply perfect as TINA. Playing the Queen of Rock from her teenage years all the way to her 1988 gigantic Rio concert, Adrienne Warren shines and transport us into another world. She is not making an impersonation of TINA but she truly captures the essence of the Legend and her powerful voice is absolutely breathtaking. Her energy, her smile and dare I say it, her incredible figure and charisma creates the perfect illusion of a new TINA.

Warren is joined by a cast of incredible actors: Kobna Holbrook-Smith is impeccable as Ike, giving a new depth to the notorious character. Madeline Appiah plays a very convincing Zelma. Francesca Jackson as Rhonda Graam is an absolute delight and a special shout out to my personal favorite Lorna Gayle who plays the endearing Indian’s Grandma Georganna.

And let’s be honest, even if the show on Opening Night was very good despite various factual inaccuracies , the audience reaction that evening was pretty hysterical and probably not a good representation of what a ‘regular’ audience reaction would be. Which was the case during the second show! But even with a more contained audience, the whole theater was on its feet at the end of the show, cheering, singing, ecstatic with pleasure!

With TINA The Musical, be prepared to cry, laugh and dance. You’ll be shocked, you’ll be heartbroken but most of all you’ll feel empowered.

I went to the second preview by myself and left the theater with a heavy heart, overwhelming emotions of joy and sadness. The realization that you should live your life to the fullest and that nothing is impossible.

I feel even prouder of being a TINA fan after seeing this show, happy and relieved that her legacy is treated with respect, admiration and I am pretty confident it will travel the world.

Previews for TINA The Musical runs until April 16, 2018.

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10 Replies to “TINA The Musical – Lights Up!”

  1. Guys, I still wish that gorgeous cover art (for the poster, program, t-shirt, press packet) were for a brand new Tina Turner LP/CD. If/when this comes to Broadway, I wonder if the show will be recorded on LP/CD for posterity?


  2. I really enjoyed and I could feel Tina’s presence in 2 or 3 moments of the show. Adrienne was powerful, specially during the last moments of the show. It’s really hard sing, act and dance at the same time. I didn’t expect that powerful voice and presence on stage! In my opinion they should improve some scenes and I wasn’t impressed by the scenarios. When she sang ‘We don’t need another hero’ I was expecting more power, … more of Tina. ‘Private dancer’ could have more glamour…, changing some scenes was a bit like assist a theatre play in school, I hope they will improve this. My favourite was Kobna playing Ike, he was the best on stage in my opinion.


  3. je suis un fan inconditionnel depuis tant d’année de Tina , ke suis belge et j’ai fait le déplacement ce soir pour assister au spectacle , je suis ravi de voir vos commentaires respectueux, j’ai hâte de vivre cette nouvelle expérience et de pouvoir continuer dune certaine façon à profiter de rêver pour Tina , je laisserai mes commentaires à chaud après le spectacle de ce soir , y a t- il peut être des fans ce soir avec nous pourrions partager sur place nos émotions, merci


  4. Sounds really exciting! I Cant wait to go next month with my besties! Thanks for great job as always Ben!
    I Love you TINA


  5. Hi everybody…. I say hi everybody…
    I had reserved expectations about the show, because there is only ONE Tina!…
    But the show was actually amazing. Somehow, you could feel the vibe and ambience of the Tina concerts of the past, which I wasn’t at all expecting.
    Tina Turner definitely deserves this homage, and Adrienne proved to be the best possible choice to portray her.
    Best regards! And GO see the show!.


  6. Oh, I did not see the show. On some photos, she really passes the image of Tina: pose, gestures … On some, it does not look like it. I hope, in general, she played a role well!

    I was surprised by something else: her wig! It’s not as good as Tina’s wigs from the 1980s. And it’s strange, the show is expensive and quality. Surprisingly, most artists who play Tina in different shows have bad wigs. Is it really that hard to make a wig exactly like Tina Turner? In place of Adrienne, I would ask Tina for her own wig from her collection … :))))))


  7. I went there with my wife and we’ve been to a lot of musical but this was the best one in years! I love Tina Turner and this musical is an amazing homage to this Queen. Thanks for your report!


  8. Tina The Musical was BEYOND AMAZING! It tapped into every emotion in my body. I strongly encourage everyone to see it – if you love Tina before seeing it there are no words to describe how you will feel after seeing it. It will grip your heart and not let you go …


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