I know this title sounds pretty adventurous since the musical is only one week old and still in previews but these are the words of Joop Van Den Ende! The producer of TINA, The Musical was on Dutch TV last night talking about the Opening Night of ‘TINA’ last Wednesday in London and his desire to see the show opening in Broadway. A couple of Dutch online newspaper even already published articles entitled: TINA The Musical, after London, New York!

Which was Mr Van Den Ende first intention until Tina put her feet down. According to Tina and in Joop’s words, the Queen of Rock has the (strange) feeling that she is not popular anymore in the USA hence her desire to see the show opening in Europe. Her initial attention tells Joop was to have the show opening in Germany in honour or her husband Erwin Bach. But the producer got her to change her mind and consensus was reached on London where Tina has always been ultra popular.

The Dutch producer revealed a bit more about the show (video above) and how shocked he was by the amount of fans who had flown from across the world and their enthusiasm. Our TINA Family never disappoint, we’ll always be there for the Queen and we were amazed by the quality of the show!

Tina Turner 2018 Newspaper

By the look on Joop’s face while mentioning the show and the reaction it got on its first evening, he seems confident that the musical will be a tremendous hit and will travel the world with an almost certain residence in Broadway. A little bird told Tina Turner Blog that the show might already open next year in Hamburg, Germany… To be confirmed…

And since the start of previews, articles have been flowing in British newspapers. The most notable probably coming the Guardian: Tina Turner Rock’N’Roll Revolutionary.


Miss Warren, who plays the role of TINA in the Musical also made headlines and made a terrific impression on the most difficult critics: the fans.

Gracing the cover of The Telegraph dressed in the iconic 1984 TINA’s look, Adrienne told more about her preparation for the part in Hello Magazine with an exclusive interview.


More reviews will come after Press Night on April 17 and the official opening of the show.

Book your seat for TINA, The Musical now! 

IMG_2963 2
Ben – Joop Van Den Ende – Sjef – TINA The Musical Opening Night (March 2018)


12 Replies to “Broadway’s Calling TINA”

  1. If Tina has ANY concern that the show would not be supported in the US, she can rest her pretty little head! It will do great over here because she has TONS of fans in the US! I will go to see it on Broadway for sure!


  2. Pease Tina, come to Broadway! I’m a brasilian, living in the USA for 25 years, and been following you since Brasil. I went to you concert in São Paulo !!!
    You are and will always be The Best !!!!


  3. I found the mini-documentary interesting. It was a bit disheartening that the star didn’t know what the pony was. Not trying to knock it, as I haven’t seen it yet, but it seems like the star may not be as big of a Tina fan as the marketing has suggested.


  4. Ben this is such a wonderful post. I also had the great honour of meeting Joop and talking with him for a few minutes following the play on the 21st. What a magnificent man he is. I just fell in love with him. Linda and I were also invited on the afternoon of the 22nd to visit the “wig room” and see the behind the scenes workings of making all of the actor’s wigs and how interesting and fun that was! I am saying all of this to say that after conversations with Joop, Campbell Young who is in charge of the wigs for everyone and several of the actors from the play who were in the wig room with us I completely believe Tina The Musical will be in New York City in the near future. All of these people want to see that happen and feel that it will – they want Tina to KNOW beyond any doubt that she DOES have fans and a following in the US. So many more things to look forward to! THANK YOU BEN for this AMAZING BLOG!!!


  5. I don’t think America does right by the legends we produce. We have this mindset that if its not a hit right now your irrelevant. Michael, Madonna, Tina, held as the best that America produced, has had, by leaps and bounds, far greater successes in other countries.


  6. Can’t wait to see Tina in NYC. I have seen Tina 3 times as a solo performer and once with Ike Turner in a small club in Tampa, Fl. Her music will remain through the ages. Thanks for your helpful posts.


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