Rock Legend Tina Turner and husband Erwin Bach, both executive producers on TINA, The Musical attended the show preview last night. The secret was revealed on live TV by producer Joop Van Den Ende hence the presence of a few fans waiting in front of the stage doors for a sign of their idol. A few pictures taken by insiders are already in circulation on Instagram but no words yet on what TINA thought of the show apart from the tweet above posted by Adrienne Warren.

Photos: Dani Michalski

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10 Replies to “TINA Attends Musical Preview”

  1. Wow! As Smokey would say ‘just to see her smiling face, one more time’! What a treat that would be for me. I love Tina…..and Smokey!!! I’m still planning to see this musical at some point this year, coming from Atlanta to London, just to see it….although I KNOW it’ll show up here in US, and in Atlanta, at some point, soon and very soon! Just keep watching!


  2. Would have been stunning to know she was there. Took my Mum as her Mother’s Day 🎁 gift. I was raised on Tina’s music as my Mother loves her to the moon and back. A little hello to FANS would have been breathtaking x


  3. I am dreaming if I can see Tina in person again. I’ll be in London between 7th to 14th June. No ticket yet. Cheers 😊😘


  4. Knowing how emotional and moving this musical was for me when I saw it I would love for Tina to open up and tell what it was like for her to sit in the audience and watch …


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