O clouds, please come, please come
Please pour rain on our bodies, our minds
and on this land which thirstily awaits you!

It is a tradition for the Beyond CDs to open with a Spiritual Message spoken by TINA. And the last one is no exception to the rule with the title ‘Rain Songs’. Inspired by a text from Aaore Badaraa and ‘Isqi’l Itasha, the message is a plea to Rain with the voices of Savani Shende and Dima Orsho blending in marvellously to the music composed by Kareem Roustom. No mantra or singing part this time for Tina but her voice can be heard again later in the double cd with the title ‘Awakening’ (Part 1).

The new Beyond album, ‘Awakening Beyond’ features Buddhist nun singing for freedom, Ani Choying Drolma as well as Jewish Sephardic singer Mor Karbasi. The great Regula Curti, the creator of the Beyond albums once again unite her voice with the mesmerizing Sawani Shende. Tibetan singer Dechen Shak-Dagsay, however, isn’t featured on the new album, currently promoting her ‘Day Tomorrow’ album.

Also some news on the production side! Kareem Roustom,an Emmy nominated composer who has composed music for film, television has composed music for the album. Steeped in the musical traditions of the Near East and trained in Western concert music and Jazz, Syrian-born Kareem Roustom is a musically bilingual composer who has collaborated with a wide variety of artists.

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4 Replies to “Awakening TINA”

  1. And… Erwin was very much involved with the production of this one. So, while Tina wasn’t featured a ton on the recording and didn’t do a ton to promote this particular Beyond project, Tina-Erwin definitely played a big part and remain close friends of Regula and her hubby.


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