Tina Turner isn’t popular anymore in the USA? That’s what the Queen of Rock herself thinks and that’s what motivated her decision to open TINA, The Musical in London. But is it really so? Is TINA’s popularity gap between Europe and USA that big? With a new biography coming this October and talks about the Musical opening in different countries, it’s time for a closer look!


TinaTurnerBlog Stats – Visitors by Countries

Tina Turner is known throughout the world. If Europe and North America with its 2.5 Million visitors are well ahead in the ranking, the Queen of Rock is still ultra popular in countries such as Brazil, Australia, and Argentina. By adding every European country and comparing it to the USA, the numbers are almost similar.

When reporting the numbers of visitors to the number of inhabitants in the country, The Netherlands, Poland, and Switzerland are showing tremendous interest in TINA. No doubt that promoting the Musical and the upcoming book in these countries will be easy.

Capture d’écran 2018-04-03 à 12.03.27.png
TinaTurnerBlog Stats- Top Visitor Countries


From 7 to 77, male or female, Tina Turner is beloved by millions of people across the world. She transcends generations and has gained respect from both sexes. She is most popular with female and male between 35-44 years old but the younger generation between 25-34 y.o hasn’t forgotten her neither older people aged 55+. That was most noticeable during the second preview of the Musical. The first night was full of younger people while the second night had a more mature and reserved audience.

Capture d’écran 2018-03-28 à 10.33.31.png
TinaTurnerBlog Youtube – Demographics


If Europe and USA enjoy reading about TINA, Brazil goes made for videos. With nearly 200.000 subscribers on  TinaTurnerBlog Youtube channel, 39K followers come from Brazil representing almost 20% of the total of followers. With 25K followers, the USA represents 12,5% of all the TINA fans who subscribed to the channel.

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TinaTurnerBlog Youtube – Subscribers by Countries

Brazil and the USA are also well ahead in terms of ‘watch time’. With 10 & 6 million views respectively,  both countries share 15% & 8,5% of all the views on the blog Youtube channel.

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TinaTurnerBlog Youtube – Watch Time & Views by Countries

The most watched videos are Sarvesham Svastir Bhavatu & Cose Della Vita Live but the most time spent on watching videos are for Lotus Sutra & Nam Myoho Renge Kyo videos. Tina’s Beyond recording are extremely popular on Youtube. These videos receive lots of positive feedback every day and for most people, it is a surprise to discover that Tina Turner is doing such music.

Capture d’écran 2018-04-03 à 12.41.00.png
TinaTurnerBlog Youtube – Most Watched Videos

Googling TINA

People are curious and you can’t help it. What do people look for when they google ‘Tina Turner’? Well, it seems that husband Erwin Bach creates a lot of curiosity, being Googled hundreds of time every day, the article on Tina and Erwin is by far the most read on the blog. A lot of other research concerns Tina’s family, mostly her children. Interest in Beyond material comes a lot from Eastern Europe with countries such as Slovenia, Romania, and Croatia.

Screen Shot 2018-04-03 at 18.38.09.png
TinaTurnerBlog Stats – Most Read Articles

Social Network Impact

If you are a fan of Tina, you know that the Legend isn’t really keen on computers and other high tech stuff but these days you need to have an internet presence even if you don’t have anything special to promote. And without managing her own FB and Twitter account herself, TINA still has a huge amount of followers. Reaching almost 4M people on FB only, it is the social network on which most TINA fans are present because it the most popular one used by the age group following TINA. With more regular updates and exclusive content, it is certain that her amount of followers could be much bigger. As far as Twitter and Instagram are concerned the figures are marginals compared to FB but with the launch of the new musical, Twitter has regained interest in Turner.Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 15.36.23
All in all, in the game between USA and Europe, the result is very tight, even if in terms of record and ticket sales, Europe with England and Germany, in particular, represents TINA’s biggest market. And despite what our beloved TINA thinks, the USA, as well as South America and the rest of the world, has not forgotten its legendary Queen of Rock.

Tina Turner GIF-downsized_large.gif

30 Replies to “Turner Power”

  1. I’m saddened by Tina’s assumption that the US fans are less committed to this fabulous woman! I am a 78 year old Roman Catholic Sister and have followed Tina’s career since the 1980’s. She continues to inspire and amaze me. Thanks for all the content on the blog-I love it!


    1. Hello Maura, thanks for your comment! Don’t be sad, I think TINA was referring to the general public and not her fans in particular. She knows she has the best fans in the world wherever they live 🙂
      Thanks for visiting the blog!


    2. Too true Maura. I too am 78 make from England. Tina.in my opinion is one of the greatest performers( male or female ) that has ever been. She can command over a 100,000 people as her audience ,in football stadiums throughout the world. She has never made a bad song. The lady is and always will be a legend


  2. Ben – AMAZING facts and statistics. Very interesting to read and study. THANK YOU. You continue to just impress me and amaze me with every post. I appreciate you, your knowledge and the “gift” you have for sharing it with all of us more than you will ever know – HUGS.


  3. Amazing work, Ben. As usual. Thoroughly enjoy all your well researched and documented posts. You are the #1 authority on preserving Tina’s legacy for future generations. Thanks!


  4. As a November Sag♐️, she feels more at home oversees. As a late Nov. Sag myself, we have a love for foreign cultures, languages and places. Home is like been there done that so to speak. As ♐️ruled by Jupiter, there is a desire to expand know
    people and places. That’s just her preference.

    See, she meant no disrespect. With mercury retrograde right now, sometimes the message does not come across just right.

    Either way, we can all agree Tina is still the best!

    Thanks Ben
    I hope this helps a tiny bit.


    1. Thanks for sharing your explanation Christl! TINA is very fond of astrology as well, she would probably love your explanation! And like you I am sure she meant no disrespect to anyone, just expressing a feeling she has for a very long time. It is true that nothing last for long in America and that you have to be on top all time for people to remember you but come on she is TINA TURNER!!! She is a true legend adored everywhere, there’s not that many artist who gets that kind of love of respect from that many people!
      Thanks for visiting and commenting Christl!


  5. Interesting stats.
    I don’t see New Zealand mentioned though.
    She is very popular over here and still played on lots of popular radio stations and mentioned on tv .


  6. Matéria incrível!
    Muito obrigado por estas importantes informações e por aqui no Brasil estamos ansiosos em muitas novidades da nossa rainha.
    Penso que um novo álbum seria muito bem vindo nesta fase do Musical!
    Sou muito fã do seu blog e sua página no Facebook.
    Tina merece todos os aplausos!


  7. En France, on l’adore depuis longtemps et elle nous le rend bien, elle possède une maison dans le sud de La France.


    1. C’est vrai qu’elle est toujours adorée en France!! Je me souviens d’un sondage Le Parisien réalisé vers les années 2000 qui classait les chanteuses préférés des Français. Elle était en 5eme position de mémoire et première artiste internationale!
      Et en ce qui concerne la maison de Nice, elle à été vendue il y a quelques années déjà, vers 2011/2012.
      Merci pour ton com Ludo! 🙂


  8. I think Tina knows she has a lot of fans in the United States (the last tour surely proved that) but I think judging from how much sales she sold post 1993, I can understand why she says that. Europe always helped her to go gold and platinum whereas in America, she had great reviews but because America has always been fickle on older performers, yeah it’s a harder road to climb.


  9. Good article and a lot of work. It didn’t help that she dropped her US citizenship IMHO but it’s ok if that’s what she needs. I do agree with you that internet/social media presence does help in our culture today with remaining relavent & in front of fans. She has opted for that by being out of the business and no recordings ( other than the beyond series). Which is fine, she needs a break. I think the musical is causing a fresh new look. Personally I wish for more, music, appearances, movies or magazine covers. I will take whatever I can get.. 😉


  10. In the US, Tina is still very well respected. She’s definitely a legend/icon. I’ve noticed that younger people aren’t usually familiar with her work, but they still know who she is. This has to be expected though, she doesn’t live here, so she’s disappeared from the public’s view. If she promotes her musical in the US, it will no doubt be a big hit.


  11. Tina Turner is the Queen. I am 72 and have followed her since the 60’s. I love her music, strength and endurance. She is amazing and the best performer of all times. Keep it up Tina. San Antonio, Texas. We love you!!!!!!’


  12. I would like to elevate Tina beyond an ICON to a ROCK GOD!!!! Every time I see her in concert my pulse jumps.I have NEVER seen a performer that sends her very soul with every word and she punctuates each song line just like a shot from a 44 Magnum and the dancing oh my GOD a 100′ stage is not long enough for her!! I need a seat belt to watch her”in concert” videos!! And what a fan base she has.She knows we love her and her appreciation for her fans shows at every performance.I just love how she gives her band a chance to sing along with her and interact with her crazy antics on stage. You can tell she really appreciates every band member.How can any human male or female match her. It ain’t happening!! I could go on for days but in conclusion I am 80 years old and have been snow sking with her music blaring in my ears since Tina started! That’s where my energy comes from!! Please one more concert I cant get enough!!!!!!


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