This morning Tina Turner was the guest of Graham Norton on the BBC2 radio. Promoting the newly opened TINA, The Musical, the Legend is joined by Tali Pelman and together they talk about their meeting and the creative process behind the musical. The last time TINA was on the air was 2009 when she spoke via telephone from Zurich to Deepak Chopra about the release of the first Beyond album.

Tina Turner - Graham Norton BBC 2018 Interview - 1

Listen below

TINA and Graham Norton Interview – BBC2 2018

TINA The Musical is now booking until February 2019! Book Now! 

Tina Turner - Graham Norton BBC 2018 Interview - 3

18 Replies to “TINA Talks To Graham Norton”

  1. Ben, this is the best interview yet. He made it fresh, interesting and exciting. Time seemed well and confident. I always believed her when she said was through, she said it with conviction and meant it. She will be missed. I now truly believe you can turn poison into medicine. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Tina will always be Tina, her energy hasn’t diminished one bit! We her fans can’t get enough of her despite her insistence that she is done! Let the woman enjoy her freedom to be simply Tina at home! (But keep telling us about our hero!). Great interview, great musical. Hope it crosses the pond to Broadway.


  3. WOW Ben – this is absolutely AMAZING – truly just wonderful. Tina (ie Mrs. Bach!) is so full of zest and energy and how it warms my heart to hear her so happy and full of life. You, dear Ben, are Simply The BEST for sharing this with all of US – THANK YOU. HUGS —


  4. WOW! This is absolutely wonderful! It is so great to hear all of this from Tina herself!! Thank You Ben.for sharing it with us!! Your dedication to Tina and all of us, The Fans, is “Simply The Best “!!!! Love and Hugs toYou!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️!!!!


  5. You need to add English Transcribe for the deaf and hard of hearing communities. We have no idea what you all talk about. We cannot hear you. Please make it accessible for us all.


  6. I feel sad that she’s hung up the wig, mini dresses and put away the shoes but, at the same time, feel very happy for her that she’s finally content after all she’s been through. Tina is and will always be, a LEGEND! Saw the show last weekend, it was brilliant! I wish her, and her husband every happiness. It’s so very much deserved. Much love to you Tina.
    Well done Graham and everyone involved in this interview. A job very well done.


  7. Great interview ! Such a classy lady. Elegant, professional, positive, truthful, full of life and charisma. The true hallmarks of a legend. Can’t wait to see the show in July. Job well done Mr Norton too. Thanks for posting Ben. Where would we all be without your dedication.


  8. This was a great interview… I was excited to hear her voice… she is so full of life and vibrant!!!! So excit d for her….I don’t care what her age is she will always be timeless!!! Love ya Tina… Mr. Bach thanks for still sharing your girl! We love ya for it!!
    I can’t wait to see the show in July…. super excited!!!

    Great job everyone!!!

    Thanks again Tina!!!


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