NEW TINA Documentary In Talks

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Breaking news this morning with a major announcement! A new TINA documentary will go into production this summer! Erwin Bach, record producer, Turner’s partner and husband will executive produce alongside Tali Pelman of Stage Entertainment who launched the stage show TINA The Musical!

From The Hollywood Reporter: 

Tina Turner is – finally – getting the documentary treatment.

Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, the filmmakers behind the Emmy-winning LA 92 and Oscar-winning Undefeated, are reuniting with Lightbox, co-founded by Oscar-winning producer Simon Chinn (Man on Wire, Searching for Sugar Man, Whitney) and Emmy-winning producer Jonathan Chinn (LA 92, Fantastic Lies, Whitney) to tell the full story – for the first time – of global icon and undisputed Queen of Rock and Roll.

Altitude Film Sales is introducing the feature documentary Tina Turner (working title) to buyers at Cannes with Altitude Film Distribution acquiring distribution rights for the UK and Ireland. The film goes into production this summer. Altitude has previously partnered with Lightbox on Whitney, directed by Kevin Macdonald, which is receiving its world premiere in Cannes this month.

Erwin Bach, record producer and Turner’s partner and husband will executive produce alongside Tali Pelman of Stage Entertainment which launched the hit stage show, Tina Turner The Musical in London’s West End last month. Will Clarke, Andy Mayson and Mike Runagall will serve as executive producers for Altitude.

The first feature documentary to be made about the singer, Tina Turner will feature candid interviews with friends, family members, musical collaborators, and Tina herself, together with a wealth of incredible footage – some of it unseen – showcasing the raw power and energy of her performances. Delving beyond the public narrative of her iconic life story, it will uncover who Tina really is as a private person; the deep emotional and spiritual resources she has been able to draw on to transcend these hurdles and rise to these heights.

“This is the first time I’ve agreed to a be part of a major documentary about my life and it’s certainly a leap of faith!,” said Turner. “But I’m excited about the process we’re about to embark on and hope my story, presented in an honest and authentic way and made by award winning documentary filmmakers, will give audiences a true sense of what life has been from my point of view. And if my story inspires people and gives them hope it will have been worth it.”


From Variety:

Tina Turner’s tumultuous rock’n’roll life will be told in feature-doc form for the first time with buyers being introduced to the project at the Cannes market. “Tina Turner” (WT) hails from Dan Lindsay and TJ Martin, the filmmakers behind the Emmy Award-winning “LA 92” and Academy award-winning “Undefeated.” They are reuniting with “Man on Wire” and “Whitney” producer Lightbox.

Erwin Bach, record producer and Tina Turner’s husband, will executive produce alongside Tali Pelman of Stage Entertainment, which launched “Tina Turner The Musical” in London’s West End last month. The film will feature Tuner herself as well as friends and collaborators. It promises previously unseen footage of the star. Production starts later this year.

18 Replies to “NEW TINA Documentary In Talks”

  1. This is great news and thank you, Ben, for keeping us so well informed about the amazing immortal Tina.


  2. Thank YOU Ben for posting this and letting us know! I appreciate you so very much. This is truly exciting news and I am anxious to learn more about it and to know if it will be available to us in the US. If not when it originally airs I am sure that some of our wonderful super techie #tinafamily members will make sure that we are able to somehow see it :-)! Thank You Again!


  3. Thank U Ben, these are quite unexpected & desirable news! I´d love me some Tina documentary, with unseen footage!!
    Love & happiness!


  4. Wishing Tina and all involved in this beautiful project All God’s Blessings and success in showcasing the beautiful “soul” of this incredible woman!!!


  5. Yes!!! Awesome news this looks like cinema release documentary! Thanks Ben keep us informed can’t wait to hear more!!! X Sonja


  6. It would be GREAT if there was a new album to be released with the book and the documentary!! marking Tina’s 60th. year in the business!!! Forever LOVE you Tina!


  7. I am looking forward to this documentary. I really need some motherly guidance at this point in my life. I believe you are one of my Guide Mothers (Teachers). I’ve loved since childhood and will always love you. With life’s mirror “The ribbon we share love takes care.” ‘Ronald Brown 5/3/82’. Thank you for cheering me up when I am sad and depressed with (music) as a ‘mother’ would sing to their child. Oh and thank you for Shakabuku. I love you Mrs. Anna take care and have a wonderful day.


    1. Awesome project indeed! Been waiting for this for years! Let’s hope the production will be audacious and up to TINA’s level! Thanks for commenting 🙌


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