Anna Mae Bullock has experienced all the pain a life can bring; born an unwanted child, abandoned by her mother and later abused by the man who made her a star, she is now facing what might be the greatest challenge a person can endure…

Tina Turner and her son Craig (zurich 2015July 3rd was already a milestone day (1976-2013) in Tina’s life, it will now be stained by the most tragic news. It is with great sadness that we learned last night the passing of Craig Turner, Tina’s eldest son to whom she gave birth on August 20, 1958. The fruit of a love relationship between young Anna Mae and King’s of Rhythm musician Raymond Hill, Craig was living in L.A working in the real estate business and was very close to his mother.  Over the years he sometimes worked for his legendary mom most notably during her massive tours, bringing him to every corner of the world.
12573013_10206513381846890_8723230464217222691_nI had the pleasure of exchanging a few emails with Mr. Turner over the years and he always replied with kindness and encouragement. And in spite of having one of the most famous people on earth as genitor, Craig never took advantage of this unusual situation. Tina described her oldest son as a very sensitive child, the violent scenes he and his brothers witnessed undoubtedly affected profoundly an already fragile soul.

IMG_3697There’s probably no greater pain than the loss of a child and fans are deeply affected by the news. I’d like to send my deepest and most sincere condolences to Miss Turner and her family in those painful moments and hope that Craig has found peace wherever he is.

43 Replies to “Craig Turner (1958-2018)”

  1. So saddened by this news. The pain must have been great and one never understand why. Love and prayers to Tina at this devastating time.

    1. So sorry to hear of your son Craig’s passing. My thoughts and prayers are with you Tina and your family at this sad time.

    2. Blessed Be the Ties that Bind
      May you remember his smile, his joy, his love! May you recognize life’s cyclical bond with nature! May you find comfort from family, friends, fans and others at this moment in time! May the grace of the most Spirit be with you! Most of all Beloved.

  2. A prayer for Craig: “Spirit of your soul, effective guardian, your wings may bring the begging love of my soul to the soul it seeks lovingly.”

  3. I hope Tina will be as strong as she can be! So sad for her! Loosing a child might be the worst nightmare a mother can live! I pray for her and for her son s soul to find the peace he was looking for!

  4. I too lost my only daughter from Sickle Cell disease back in 1983. I’ve always loved & admired Tina. Your triumphant, & loving spirit is also your asset. His memories will cushion & sustain you during these times. Tina, I love you.
    Helen K.

  5. Craig’s birthday is August 20 not 30. My condolences to Tina and the Turner family. In light of this tragedy I hope Tina mends her relationship with her surviving sons and grandchildren.

  6. Tina Turner, I am not going to tell you that I am sorry for any of reasons why, but I think you will be alright when you are reconnect upstairs in our heavens. If, you don’t need to remember my loss of Kevin which you came into my life and gave me the most important part of my life, what is importance. Life keeps us keeping on.

  7. Tina🐚 C’est avec amour que je te serre dans mes bras pour t’apporter le réconfort💕Nous sommes tes enfants et tu es une grande dame dans la vie pour nous💞💞💞Merci aux deux beaux garçons du site de nous avoir informé👏👏👏Vous faîtes un travail d’amour💖💖💖

  8. Thanks Ben for a lovely personal tribute to Craig. May he rest in peace and may his mom call on her inner strength to endure this loss as she always has done throughout her life.

  9. condolences to to the Turner family on the loss of a child maybe God be with you in this time of sadness and sorrow .God bless you Tina .

  10. Tina as we know,u have been through trials in the past and God brought u out, which built ur faith in him.So let those Testimonies give u the strength to know that God will get u through this hurt and pain ,because he is a comforter and a shelter in the time of any storm,so sweetie rest in his bosom and he will heal ur hurt and bare ur pain because he’s sweet we know!!!

  11. We are sorry and sad about the bad news of Tina’s son M.r Craig Turner
    We’re sending our condolences and love to Miss Turner – Bach and her family.
    May he rest in peace and hope his mother family and friends will be strong
    Chen & Keren

  12. I have the impression that for her more importanyt waw Bach, than her own son.The child should always be more important than partner or husband. I have the impression that Bach isolated her from her family. Craig travelled to Tina to Switzerland but lived in a guest house there. He seemed so lonely.
    I love Tine and I feel very sorry for her, but Bach does not arouse my sympathy.

  13. “Weeping May Endure for a Night, but joy comes in the morning” May “GOD” comfort you during the difficult time to Mrs. Tina Turner and the Turner family.

  14. Miss Tina, I am so saddened by the new of your son Craig. I know this is the worst pain a mother can endure, but knowing the faith you have will bring you the comfort needed to endure this tragedy. God bless Craig and rest in peace. My deepest condolences to Tina and the Turner family.

  15. Hello
    I am condelsconces to you and your love ones. Words can’t express the pain you are during. I pray the God gives you the peace that surpasses all understanding. He will also give you beauty for your ashes. You are forever in my heart and prayers. Blessings and Healing upon u

  16. Hello Tina
    I am sending my deepest condelsconces to you and your love ones. Words can’t express the pain you are during. I pray the God gives you the peace that surpasses all understanding. He will also give you beauty for your ashes. You are forever in my heart and prayers. Blessings and Healing upon u

  17. Tina…my heart goes out to you. I cannot fathom the loss you are experiencing right now. Sending love and prayers your way for you and the family.

    I am so saddened and hurt at the lost of such a wonderfully, gentle and kind man, Craig Turner. I am so blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know him. Although brief, the visits were beautiful, heartfelt, and life changing, for me. To share a funny, Craig had a plant near his kitchen which was in distress. I suggested to Craig that he set the plant in a pan of water overnight to “root soak”. He sort of bulked against the idea and asked that I pour out the water and place the plant back where it was. Well me being me stood my ground with him and asked that he just let the plant soak overnight and if the plant does not revive, then pour the water out and place the plant back. Well, he agreed to do that. The next morning he text a BEAUTIFUL pic of the plant full restored with the caption, “I stand corrected.”

    That interaction was precious to me and will remain in my heart.

  18. Please do not blame Ike for Craig’s death. That is hardly accurate. You stayed with Ike for 20 years and had plenty of time to get out of that relationship. It would be nice if you would make a statement about Craig’s death because since you said he was an emotional kid in the Oprah interview now that is the prevailing sentiment. Ike said in an interview with Spin magazine back in 1985 that this business of kiss and tell about your 20 year relationship was hurting the boys and embarrassing them. He asked you to stop. You kept going in 1986 with books, films, interviews and stage productions. Now you suggest to write an ode to your deceased son in this London Tina Turner musical? Sing and dance to domestic abuse and suicide? No. 😐 RIP Craig and Ike. 💜

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