This morning (in the USA) a glorious and radiant Tina Turner appeared for the first in 5 years on US TV.

Interviewed last week in Zurich by Gayle King, Tina appears relaxed and pretty confident to evoke her past with Miss King.

From Ike Turner to Erwin Bach and Craig, Tina candidly reveals her frame of mind and her feelings after the sudden passing of her eldest kid.

Watch Now!

11 Replies to “TINA On CBS!”

  1. Thank you, Ben, for keeping us, her forever fans, enjoying every minute of Tina’s retirement. Yes, we all miss her, but the videos are a lifelong connection to,the Queen!


  2. Love u Tina. You have brought joy to millions of people. We miss your shows so much. You are “Simply the Best” enjoy your retirement and keep good health.❤😍


  3. It’s so good to see her back in good spirits after her recent health issues and the death of her son. She looks great and appears to be in a good place in life. Retired or not, she still has that star power! America and the world have missed you Tina!!


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