Grammy award-winning singer Tina Turner talks to Will Gompertz about her five-decade-long career as one of the biggest stars in rock music – as her memoir My Love Story is published. In a candid interview she discusses her music, her health problems, her relationship with her late ex-husband Ike and the recent death of her eldest son.

14 Replies to “TINA On The BBC!”

  1. Ben, you are the Sherlock Holmes of All Things Tina! She’s doing lots of publicity for the book and is looking good, despite all the health issues. Long live the Queen! Thank you.


  2. WOW! Thank you, Ben for pist8mg this and always being on top of ‘breaking Tina news’. I thoroughly enjoyed starting my day with a little Tina! 😊❤️


  3. Wow! This is actually a fabulous interview! Good questions and posed in a way that arent too aggressive. And of course her answers are beautifully direct and honest and full. Thank you for posting this so quickly! I finished her book literally in hours and am excited for the documentary. I saw the musical in London and will see it in NYC for sure!

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  4. Thank You ~Forr sharing all of your beautiful memories with us,
    You have shown the good and rough times, and there is a Rainbow at the end of a Storm.
    Truly remarkable and impressive how strong you are. And still in heels ! Your persistence and strength is appreciated.
    Sincerely, Mary Parker


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