Last night the Royal Variety Performance  was broadcasted on UK channel ITV. The show is held annually in the United Kingdom to raise money for the Royal Variety Charity (of which Queen Elizabeth II is life-patron) and is attended by senior members of the British Royal Family. The evening’s performance is presented as a live variety show, usually from a theatre in London and consists of family entertainment that includes comedy, music, dance, magic and other speciality acts.

Of course, being a major hit in the UK, the cast of TINA, The Musical was invited to perform! With the always impeccable Tom Godwin as Phil Spector and a majestic Adrienne Warren as TINA, the pair performed a short scene of the musical, the historical moment when Tina Turner met legendary producer Phil Spector for the recording of what would become a long lasting masterpiece: River Deep Mountain High. 

11 Replies to “Royal TINA”

  1. Shocking. Not only was the Royal Variety an embarrassment-it was anything but suitable for royalty-but the Tina Musical sketch was a shock to see.
    I think the essence of that meeting with Spector was portrayed really well, but I’m afraid the portrayal of Tina singing was horrendous. Horrendous.
    I’ve been toying with the idea of travelling to London to see the musical – I’m just not sure now. Such a shame.


      1. Please go Tony! You will not regret it! Do it and just trust the process! You will be highly delighted for days on……


  2. Crikey Tony, we all know the only person who can sing like Tina is Tina. Adrienne Warren does a fabulous job and I for one would much rather she sing uing her own voice, than sound like a bad Tina tribute act. I put off seeing the musical because I was worried it was just going to be a bad tribute act, but finally went to see it last week, because I needed to see for myself how it held up, it’s absolutely sensational. But don’t go expecting to see Tina because you won’t, but you will get the story and the energy and the determination to succeed and if your heart doesn’t soar at the end then yes perhaps it wasn’t for you.


  3. My issue with Adrienne is that she doesn’t seem to truly know Tina’s story. Not to say that Adrienne needs to know every single thing, but she should at least know some of those things that are readily available to the public and are quintessentially Tina.

    There have been several instances where she’s come up less than short. In their first meeting Tina asked her if she knew “the Pony,” and Adrienne made it seem like, “Yes, of course I do.” Then she began to do a dance I wasn’t familiar with. Then there was an interview where she was quizzed on somewhat basic Tina Trivia, and again she fell short.


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