Fantastic new interview of Tina Turner published this morning in The Sunday Post. Is a stage comeback possible? TINA tells us more about it!

Interview by Bernard Bale.

Tina Turner will be 80 at the end of this year! But, do you know what? She doesn’t care – her heart is still beating to the sound of a disco and her soul is still in the grip of rock ’n’ roll!

Retirement? Sure, she is retired but she cannot sit still for long and could still burst back on stage with the kind of explosion only she can create.

“When you have had a lifetime of great music and performance, you can’t just put it away in a drawer like it never happened,” said Tina.

It is within you all the time and even though I retired a while ago I cannot just sit around and pretend it never happened. I had a love-hate relationship with performance – sometimes I hated it and only did it for other people – and other days I felt so good I never wanted to stop.”

The Tina Turner story is very well known – she has endured poverty and she has known riches, she has had difficulties with relationships but she also knows what it is like to love and to be loved.

“Life is a journey and it is rare that anyone has a totally smooth journey, I know I haven’t,” she said.

It’s good that all the bad things were early on and I was strong enough to come through them. In my older years I am happier than I have ever been and I have a smile on my face that is not just there for the cameras.

Things have been pretty bad at times and it can really wreck your self-confidence and self-esteem. I never turned to alcohol, I have never smoked or done drugs.

I always had a belief that things would get better one day and they eventually did.

I don’t really think I am qualified to give advice but for what it is worth, no matter what is going on in your life, don’t put all the blame on yourself, put your energy into going forward and don’t let your problems crush you.”

Tina Turner

Tina certainly never allowed that to happen although it came close a number of times. She carried her problems with her but got on with life and did her best to make things improve.

“If you keep tomorrow in view you can come through just about anything. Music helps too but don’t listen to something that will make you feel worse about yourself, listen to something that reaches your soul and sets it on fire.”

Tina sold more than 200 million records worldwide but it took her a long time to realise that she was right up there with the music icons.

“I never thought much of myself, I used to see people like Barbra Streisand and think, ‘Wow! What a singer, what a performer.’ It took a long time before I started to believe people when they said how much they liked this song or that performance. I guess I just used to think that they were either being polite or wanted something.

I was handed all kinds of awards, gold discs and all sorts of prizes and gifts and honours but I still couldn’t see it.

I knew that things were working out because I suddenly found that I had a bank account which actually had money in it and tickets for my concerts were selling out in a day. After a while I realised that something must be working and maybe my songs were better than I thought.

I think Britain played a great part in that. When my Private Dancer album was released and What’s Love Got To Do With It? was lifted and went out as a single, there was an immediate embrace in Britain and the audiences at my shows were just fantastic.

That made the rest of Europe sit up and take notice and then, later, my homeland decided to take another look at me and here we are today.”

Tina actually lives mostly in Switzerland and took out Swiss nationality several years ago but she still travels back to America for special occasions – and, of course, to Britain, too.

Her biopic film What’s Love Got To Do With It? proved to be a great box-office success and had audiences dancing in the aisles. The same has happened in more recent times at her stage show Tina – The Musical which again tells her life story and includes many of her greatest hits.

“I was very involved in that show and it was hard work but I enjoyed it and I hoped audiences have enjoyed it as well. It opened in Britain with The States and Germany to follow.

It is a strange thing to watch someone else being you and telling your story. It’s quite difficult to watch someone else do what we had been doing for decades.

I have always been a perfectionist when it comes to performance so I watched very closely and made a few suggestions. They were taken on board and I became very proud of the show.

The cast has been fantastic and told my story brilliantly. In the movie they used my voice quite a lot but in this show they don’t have to. From the very beginning, Adrienne Warren has been brilliant and it made me quite emotional to watch her being me.”

Tina poses for a portrait in 1964

So, it is far from all over for Tina Turner although she is happily living in what appears to be her retirement. “I don’t have any big plans but I don’t like to rule out any possibilities either,” she said.

“When people came to see me when i was in my 60s I wondered why. I sang and danced and everyone had a ball but I couldn’t see what was so special. It did keep me fit though, and I heard that other people of my age thought, well, if she can do it, then maybe I can.

I am not so energetic now though, I had a fall a while ago and spent a little time on crutches and even in a wheelchair for a short time but that was then, this is now.

I refuse to give in. I won’t give in to age and I encourage those around me not to give in either. State of mind is so important, laughter is important, love is important. What’s love got to do with it? Everything! Love your life, love your family and don’t forget to include yourself a little.”

But the beat goes on.

“Oh yes, it sure does, she said. If you have music you have life. Maybe you can’t jump on to the table top any more but you can still feel the music pulsing through you and you can love it just as much.

I still love my music and some days I feel like performing again. I’ll be around for a while yet and who knows what might happen. We’ll see but in the meantime keep the music in your life. I’ve gotta say it – music is simply the best.”

79 Replies to “‘I Refuse To Give In’”

  1. What a beautiful woman she is and she looks no where near that age. I hope Tina is feeling better after her illness and now in good health. She is simply the best.💕💕💕


    1. You are simply the best of all times & especially of my generation! Plz do another concert/performance in NC at the DPAC. I wish you the best of health. Your music & life experiences get me through the tough & the good times & I thank you. Brenda H. Allen ( biggest fan)


      1. I would love to see u again Tina i went to your las concert and i remember very well i was still in grade school when u came your my favorite performer n my favorite star i hope to see u again .
        Love IRMA Robles a true Fan


      2. Tina Tarner ! Pra mim você vai ser sempre a melhor linda , bela, simpatica, simples , e maravilhosa Super diva ! A maior saúde pra você é o que desejo amo! ❤❤❤❤


    2. I am 78yrs.old and I like “Better Be Good To Me”. I love this song. I always watch all the concerts that Tina did on you tube. This is the way I enjoy myself. I am from Panama but live in St. Louis. We need a street named after you here. I love Tina. Ann Jones


    3. Give thanks to God, because he loved us first, He has blessed you with a beautiful talent by you giving love to others who appreciate what you do The Best. Do not give up.


    4. A true strong wonderfully talented woman. I gave every album CD concert tape. Loved her all my life. Gorgeous classy lady. Ike couldn’t take her down. What an I inspiration to all women. Love u tina!!!


    5. Wow what a human being; and yes she is in the best position to give advice. Tina has lived through it all. She has walked through hell and forced her way back to her best life. We don’t need another hero we need more people like Tina.


    6. We do not share the same culture ,so as a 54 yrs old man,I should forget all about the youth craze : Tina Turner was among singers I liked but can not hide that still enjoy listening to her hits even if this happens occasionally.
      When I entered her blog today and it s the first time ,I was really impressed by her brave and simple she sees life.
      Best of health to end up safe.


      1. I will always love and admire you one of your closest admirers I still hope to visit you one day mayedean turner


    7. Tina , I came out of a abusive relationship, I had 3 kids. I quit school at 14 . I worked as a CNA & studied for my GED ( I Passed) as soon ascI found out so passed I signed up for abusing School became a RN. I’m not a singer but, Insee myself in you , As a over comet!!!!❤️Thank you for your story!


  2. Her positive attitude has gotten her through some very tough times – and I would add her spirituality to her survival and success. I think that’s why I’ve been so enamored of Tina: that sense that there is something much deeper, a spiritual self that has kept her on track. What a blessing she has been to so many! Keep on, Queen Tina!


    1. Quelle merveille d’écouter Tina ça permet d’oublier les mauvais moments
      Je lis son livre actuellement et hé peux dire bravo Tina
      Que la paix soit avec vous
      Voys êtes là meilleure


    2. Tina, ich habe viele Kommentare zu deinem “myspace-Konto” hinterlassen. Ich bin die Krankenschwester, Michael. Du bist mein Alter Ego. Du bist …… einfach der Beste mein Lieber! Muah !!!




    1. Yes!! I adore Tina’s music, integrity, and just the way she is! A true survivor! I hope she does come back one more time! I would love to see her in concert here in the USA!


  4. Tina is one of (or only) the most electifying and inspirational icon in the world.
    Next to my mother, who is deceased, i give her/Tina Turner the utmost respect and praise. I ABSOLUTELY adore her!!


  5. She says music is the best, but certainly She Is Simply The Best. She is The Rock and Roll Queen forever. She Is loved ALL around the world. Her fans Will be always following her whatever she is/goes, whatever she does.


    1. Omg Tina you are the best. waiting for you to give us somemore of your great music. You look great. May God bless you in all you do. Love you much bring on the music. Love 💜Ruth Smith


  6. Interesting. I’m shocked to hear her entertain the possibility of performing again. She’s been so adamant about her retirement and being done with the stage life. I’m not sure how I feel about her performing again. She set the bar so high and I want to remember her that way, but if anyone can make it work, Tina can!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think she’s really done and all of her fans ought to bestow our gratitude and blessing for all she gave us for all those years. She do deserves retirement!


  7. You’re my SHERO, I’m going to be like you, wear out instead of rust out! I thank God for you and for your husband’s love and support for you. Ya’ll don’t owe ANYBODY ANYTHING, family or otherwise. Live your best life and enjoy each other. If you ever perform again, I’m going to drop whatever I’m doing and get there, wherever that may be


  8. I am 78yrs.old and I like “Better Be Good To Me”. I love this song. I always watch all the concerts that Tina did on you tube. This is the way I enjoy myself. I am from Panama but live in St. Louis. We need a street named after you here. I love Tina. Ann Jones


    1. Üdvözölek Tina sok sok boldogságot kívánok neked Tina ! 💓💓💓

      Tina Turner Blog ezt írta (időpont: 2019. febr. 16., Szo, 18:24):

      > Ann Jones hozzászólt: “I am 78yrs.old and I like “Better Be Good To Me”. I > love this song. I always watch all the concerts that Tina did on you tube. > This is the way I enjoy myself. I am from Panama but live in St. Louis. We > need a street named after you here. I love Tina. Ann” >


  9. I will be 79 on the 1st April and keep myself fit at the gym etc. I absolutely adorecTina and appreciate all the wonderful music she had given to the world. Tina your autobiography was a revelation. I admire your attitude and intended to make it mine also. Keep well.


  10. She is a beautiful woman inside and out. Her perspective on living or what we call life is awesome. I would only add one thing (God). I don’t know what her situation is as far as her faith, however I will say this. Continue to be grateful for the things that have happened in your life but don’t forget who our creator is and one yes from Him beats an army of no’s. Much love to you Ms. Tina. You are an inspiration to women everywhere.


  11. I always loved Tina Turner. We share the same birthday Nov.26. Saw her in concert in Cleveland. Amazing! My daughter worked in Zurich Switzerland where Tina lives. My husband and I visited our daughter there twice. Beautiful city and amazing chocolate. Just finished Tina’s book My Love Story, it was wonderful!


  12. Well this is going to have millions and millions on the edge of their seat, WAITING !!! Pure inspiration thank you Tina from all those who never give up thinking just maybe you will give one more time.


    1. I have enjoyed your music for as long as I remember. In fact, I sing your music at home, I can’t hit some of those high notes but the lower ones blend right in with you. I adore your music and just know you are the most wonderful person anyone could meet! HUGS and just keep being you Tina!


      1. I came out of a abusive relationship. I had 3 kids, quit school at age 14. Worked nights as a CNA & studied for my GED ( I passed). As soon as I found out I sighed up for Nursing School. I became a Rn. Thanks for your story, you helped me more than you know ❤️


  13. Tina turner and Madonna the two most iconic and influential women in rock music. Tina Turner truly inspires me .She certainly proves that age is nothin.but a number and tbat people dont have to act their age. Keep rockin tina! I enjoy listening to your oldie moldie songs. I have a special request record a high energy angry guitar killa rock n roll album. Prove to all your fans that you truly are a rock n roll widow!


  14. Tina…you are a Musical Goddess…who shared the gifts of song and dance and now WISDOM and INSPIRATION with millions. Your UNIVERSAL spirit is leaving pieces of your DIVINE light in our hearts. Humble and compassionate you are! 💞💞sylvia💕💕


  15. We love you, and we’ll always love you. Thank you for all the happiness you have given to us through your songs.Long halthy and happy life to you and to your husband.You have the love of all your fans to be happy and strong. LOVE :CHEN&KEREN


  16. Aw darn it, went and bought a copy of the Sunday Post without checking first – and it’s not in there!
    Is this the U.K. Sunday newspaper “The Sunday Post”? it wasn’t in the Sunday copy or magazine….. maybe another country or date wrong or only online version?? Anyone know please?


  17. You are a Great Lady and I hope and pray I can be as Strong as You!!!😘🤗🤗💋💋 Keep that Love, my Dad will be 90 on the 21st of this month and my Mom is still kicking and both are still together for 66 years on May 10th. God Bless them, but I am scared of living that long with out my Love 💔! You keep me alive!!!
    God Bless, and I Wish you all the Happiness. 😘


  18. There will never be anyone like her. She is unique and irreplaceable. Hope she puts her fabulous talent in many works yet.


  19. You are loved Tina. And we would rejoice to see you on screen again, or hear you do another record, or watch you play a character on TV, or anything! ❤ ❤ ❤


  20. Give your millions of fans across the World a farewell Tour . Something not so wild and strenuous but a concert to say goodbye .Lets do this “ONE MORE TIME ” Bless you


  21. Ms. Turner has always presented a sheer ‘joie de vivre’ in all her performances, even when it was not so for her in her, at times. Her electricity, she I firmly believe, in her music is timeless and will be played 100 years ahead and more when people want to lift themselves up or to enliven a party and people at that time will be able to see her still perform ‘live’, now that is immortality or next thing nearest. Musical icons of the future, my prediction, Tina Turner, The Beatles, Roy Orbison tops and a plethora of 60s, 70s, and 80s. With a few others, I cannot rightfully assess presently. Ms. Turner will continue to entertain and lift generations to come. What a gift! What a legacy!


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