Peter Lindbergh always managed to make me look – and feel – poised and pretty.

Tina Turner – My Love Story

It is with great sadness that we learned today the passing of the man who ‘invented’ Supermodels’, photographer Peter Lindbergh.

The work collaboration and friendship between Tina Turner and Lindbergh started right after the Queen’s comeback in the 80’s through the ’90s and the Missing You clip until last year when one of his photos was used for the cover of Tina Turner’s biography ‘My Love Story’

TINA in Paris with late designer Azzedine Alaia by Peter Lindbergh
File it under Foreign Affair… TINA in 1990 by Peter Lindbergh
TINA on the Eiffel Tower by Peter Lindbergh.
No Tricks!
Undercover TINA by Peter Lindbergh (1990)
Classy TINA by Peter Lindbergh
A relaxed moment with Peter Lindbergh in front of the camera.
Making TINA’s wildest dreams true back
Fiery TINA by Peter Lindbergh
Old friends… TINA with Peter Lindbergh in 2016
TINA posing in front of one of her most iconic photos at the Peter Lindbergh Exhibition in Rotterdam (2016)

15 Replies to “TINA & Peter Lindbergh In 10 Photos”

    1. Every man shall be missed until the last fallen…R. I. P.
      Mother Tina, my heart prayers goes out to you and Peter’s family.
      I also pray for your health that your health continue to ascend.
      Love always and God Bless💖


  1. Hi there
    my name is Lothar Tries and I am Peter’s former brother in law from Duisburg Germany now living in Buenos Aires.
    Like all family and friends I am deeply saddened by the sudden passing of “Pit” how he was called by family.
    I met Peter for the first time in 1965 in his father Werner’s home before he turned into super photographer Lindbergh and we used to meet occasionally in Duisburg or Paris over the years
    while I was living in the USA.
    I remember when he told me how proud he was doing his first shooting session with Tina.
    Talked to him last time about a year ago not knowing then of course that it would be the last time.
    RIP old friend …..

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    1. Thank you for sharing your very touching story. That is a very sudden sad passing, and a big loss for the Arts. I will be missed and his work with TINA in particular will always resonate with the fans.

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  2. Ben thank you so much for letting us know of Peter’s passing. How sad I am and my thoughts are with his family and loved ones – especially our beloved Tina. He was a genius behind the camera and his work will live on forever. I know he will be terribly missed by so many and that Tina’s heart must just be broken :-(.

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  3. Tina I just stumbled on this out of nowhere. I always loved your movie and music, esp “What’s love got to do with it?” The words just resonated in my heart and I think many others. When I think of of the violence you endured with Ike and survived and thrive to this day I am so proud of you. You are such a beautiful person inside and out. Did you convert to Christianity? I know you were a Buddhist. Jesus is coming soon so plea come back to His Fold. HE is the one who protected you and lifted you up. Please be ready when the Shofar sounds and Jesus comes to Rapture His Bride, the Remnant Church, away.


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