Blog Exclusive! A correspondance between two people is probably one the most intimate thing in the world, especially if it is between two lovers but Tina Turner has decided to show the world how lucky she is to have found true love…

Thanks to the Looping Group, here’s a first look at a letter written by Erwin Bach to Tina Turner earlier this year and which will be included in the newly released ‘That’s My Life’ Collectible book! The letter will be published in the German press tomorrow!

And because one surprise never comes alone, here are some more rarities to be found inside ‘That’s My Life’ :

Everything in this amazing collectible is handmade: the box, the book binding and the ring which makes each one of them special and unique.

To get even closer to Tina, the team behind the box has included a piece of fabric from an original Armani dress that Tina Turner wore at one of her concerts

Each ring has a handmade engraving with a T and a Sagittarius for Tinas zodiac and has a number engraved that correlates with the number of the book. Plus, each book number is stamped by hand! The ring looks a hundred percent like Tina Turner’s original thumb ring. The model “Tina’s Ring 2019” is made of 9K (333/000), 14K (585/000) or 18K (750/000), rosé gold. The inscription reads “Love, Tina” and the ring is stamped with a limitation number.

Beautiful isn’t it!? Order ‘That’s My Life’ Now!

17 Replies to “From Erwin To TINA”

  1. Looks great but so expensive! Is there any mention or photos of Tina with her sons in the book? How about photos from the Ike & Tina days when she used to wear the beautiful Loris Azzaro dresses? A photo book of her life should include all eras and different phases


    1. Hi Sam, the book is focusing on Tina’s work with famous photographers and will feature photos of the Ike and Tina days and will span her entier career! 🙂


  2. At last. A little something for everyone regardless of ones financial position. This is better than nothing .Looping group will have to try and safeguard this doesn’t fall into the hands of the professional memorabilia collectors who only want to make a fat profit later on with resales
    Tho che chey Tina


  3. Every memorable item of Phenomenal Tina Turner is a treasure. Then her friendship with Erwin stands tall in the history of relationships. From an abusive Ike Tuner to a loving Erwin, good love story meant to inspire. Genuine love is possible. Wishing them happiness.♥️


  4. My husband Mario died the 17th of june 2017. He left me a notebook with a lot of information for me. I found also three letters: one for me, one for Tina Turner and one for a Dutch artist Ruth Jacott. The letter for Tina (I think) was ment to be sent to her with a special request. I think the letter is never send, because he was too ill. If it is possible and you wabt to read the letter I can send it to you. With love Ingrid.


  5. Erwin and Tina you are beautiful souls🎅🤶🎄⭐☃️ and Beautiful amazing Couple God Bless Ya, happy holidays and happy New Year 2020 Long Live Erwin and Tina🥂


  6. don’t understand you would publish private letters in a commercial book…
    I find this whole project abit strange with the napkin, “piece of her dress”, the letter, the ring…

    The photo book itselfs looks amazing though.


  7. Ms. Turner, a symbolism of strength, courage and heart. Positive and uplifting in mind, body and soul…the way mankind was meant to be. God bless and continue to be with you through the rest of your life


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