What a year 2019 was for TINA and her fans. With multiple magazine covers and appearances in Europe and the USA, it’s time for a recap and a first look at what to expect from Tina Turner in 2020.

Tina Turner by Bryan Adams (1998)

January took off like a rocket with Tina appearing on the cover of Canadian magazine Zoomer looking fantastic in a 1998 photo by Bryan Adams. The magazine contained a very interesting report written by Brian Johnson that you can read here.

In February it was the turn of Scottish newspaper The Sunday Times to put the spotlight on Tina with this article from Bernard Dale.

March finally saw TINA coming out for her Swiss nest to greet German audiences during the Press Night and the Premiere of TINA, Das Musical in Hamburg.

Then things went a little quiet until September when the New York Times made TINA go viral with the portrait entitled: Tina Turner is having the time of her life! Journalist Amanda Hess went to Switzerland to meet the Queen of Rock and her husband in her mansion and delivered a pretty intimate and funny insight into the legend’s life.

Tina Turner by Charlie Gates for The New York Times (2019)

Also in September and to coincide with Tina’s 80th birthday, Rhino Record announced that Simply The Best, would be reissued as a double gatefold LP with a limited edition blue vinyl version available exclusively at www.RhinoUK.lnk.to/TinaTurner-SimplyTheBest. The news of the vinyl reissue came as The Best (the song) celebrates its 30th anniversary.

And then came November! The craziest TINA month since her last tour back in 2009. Internet attention for TINA around her 80th birthday sent the Queen of Rock’N’Roll onto Billboard’s Social 50 chart for the first time, debuting at No. 41 on the list dating December 7th.

Appearing at the Premiere of TINA, The Musical on Broadway and making her return to the big apple for the first time since her last show at the Madison Square Garden in 2008, the Queen of Rock stunned everybody by wearing a dazzling golden Armani dress, looking healthy and fantastic!

From CNN who wrote that TINA surprised an A-list audience with her surprise visit, to People who shared a video of the event through The Washington Post in awe of Adrienne and Tina, the Broadway Premiere of TINA is the event everybody was talking about. No doubt that it gave great pleasure to Tina to see her life and career finally acknowledge in her homeland.

TINA on the cover of Swiss magazine Schweizer Illustriete (2019)

The Legend 80th Birthday made headlines almost everywhere including her adoptive country of Switzerland with this amazing cover of the Schweizer Illusriete and this incredible shot by the late Peter Lindbergh.

Now, 2020 is here and there’s again some more surprises coming this year. First, February 2020 with the opening of TINA, De Musical in Utrecht, The Netherland! Tina’s long love story with this country is famous and it is very exciting to see the lovely Nyassa reprise her role there!

Then, the highly expected TINA Documentary! I’ve been in contact with the documentary people and shared my material with them but I am not sure yet about what I can talk publicly but it’s definitely coming and of course, I’ll all let you know in sure time when things are more definitive!

Tina on the cover of Real Health Magazine – Summer 2019 Edition

And more Musical with the recent announcement that TINA, The Musical would open in Madrid, Spain at a later date this year which will bring the the musical to 5 productions simultaneously worldwide (so far) and something like 40 shows a week. An undeniable success for the Bach couple which is only getting started!

Tina on the cover of Closer Magazine October 2019

In terms of celebrations, 2020 will mark the 60th Anniversary of A Fool In Love recording, the 45th anniversary of the album Acid Queen, the 30th anniversary of the Foreign Affair Tour, the 25th anniversary of GoldenEye and the 20th anniversary of the Twenty Four Seven Tour! A lot to remember with special posts from the blog and to start the celebrations let’s go Higher with this new upload of an incredible live performance from TINA performing in Atlanta back in 2000.

19 Replies to “2020 And Higher!”

  1. Happy New year 2020 Tina

    Le sam. 4 janv. 2020 à 17:59, Tina Turner Blog a écrit :

    > Ben posted: ” What a year 2019 was for TINA and her fans. With multiple > magazine covers and appearances in Europe and the USA, it’s time for a > recap and a first look at what to expect from Tina Turner in 2020. Tina > Turner by Bryan Adams (1998) January took off l” >


    1. Ben,
      You amaze me with your attention to detail of everything Tina! Thanks for this great summary of her amazing life and career. She never ceases to amaze us all. May she continue to be blessed.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Thanks Ben. For getting 2020 started off with a bang.
    It’s always great to rear your blog and the way you keep us on a higher note.
    Your hard work is greatly appreciated.
    Thanks again Ben and from here in Des Moines. Have a great New Year.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for your kind words Lee! I hope your new started started off brilliantly, I wish you all the best and thank you for you continued support 🙏🏽


  3. As a young girl earning a nickel to clean my room and a QUARTER to sing”Proud Mary”, little did I know that in addition to the excitement that is Tina Turner I was also channeling the strength,stability and power of self-love that one needs to survive and thrive.

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  4. Kochana Tino, jest Pani najlepsza, towarzyszy mi Pani całe moje dorosłe życie, śpiewając swoje cudowne kompozycje. Jest Pani piękna, cudowna.
    Zycże dużo zdrowia, i podziwiam za tak fantastyczna formę. I love Tina.


  5. So many fond memories and hours of pure enjoyment listening or watching you perform Tina Turner. Thank You. You are remarkable and unforgettable. God bless


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