If you have ever paid a close look at Tina Turner’s career, you’ve probably noticed that The Netherlands, a small but strong European countries of approximately 17 million souls and probably as many TINA fans, has always hold a special place in the Legend’s heart.

From her early performances there with Ike to her last solo world tour, the support and the esteem of the Dutchies for the Queen of Rock has never failed and with the opening of TINA, De Musical in Utrecht in only a couple of weeks it’s a perfect time to look back at this special relationship with a new montage of Tina’s most special moments in The Netherlands and a selection of memorable performances!


In 1971 With Ike and The Revue at the Kurhaus of Scheveningen in the Netherlands on February 11, 1971. Luckily this unforgettable performance was captured on camera and issued on DVD in 2004, becoming a must have for every TINA fan.


Free from Ike and before her big comeback, Tina set fire to the legendary Carré Theater in Amsterdam in 1979. You can listen to some great audio from the show in this article published in 2011!


In 1982, Roger was booking TV appearances anywhere he could to show the world the new TINA and of course The Netherlands welcomed her again with open arms when she performed on the famous Sonja Barend TV show.


Before the big Arnhem’s shows of 2009, there was the 1983 performance. With band members smoking joint on stage to TINA’s pouring energy, the temperature in this small club must have been incredible and just watching this performance of Proud Mary proves it!


1984 was a big year for TINA. While touring the UK heavily in February of that year, she flew to The Netherlands for a single night there. And, as she was about to stun the world with the biggest comeback in music history, she gave a historical concert in Den Bosch that thankfully was captured by Dutch TV.


Just look at that crowd! Back in May 1987, The Queen packed Nijmegen and the energy in the video is still unbelievable and it remains to me to me the most brutal performance of ‘I Can’t Stand The Rain’ ever recorded. In addition to this concert, Tina also performed four other concerts at Rotterdam’s Ahoy that year.


Tina performing in Rotterdam (1990)

The ending of a tour is always the occasion for TINA to break the routine of her very set shows. And the ending of the Foreign Affair Tour in Rotterdam was no different when the rocker decided to bring on stage her microphone guy for a screaming session during ‘Better Be Good To Me‘ with James Ralston and John Miles.


It is iconic, it’s big and it’s the closest thing to perfection: The three 1996 Amsterdam concerts that gathered 150,000 fans were recorded for posterity, published on every format possible (still waiting for the BluRay tho), sold millions of copies, was broadcast on TV dozens of times and the name only, TINA Live in Amsterdam speaks for itself.


Reaching 60, the immense popularity of the Queen of Rock was still obvious back in 2000 when the Twenty Four Seven Tour stopped for one night only in The Netherlands in front of a massive crowd at the city’s Stadspark placing Groningen on the map.


The ending of Tina’s live career couldn’t happen without a stop in The Netherlands and that what she did, 3 times, back in 2009 in Arnhem’s Gelredome capturing the show there and leaving a pristine memory of her live performances to her audience.

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Cover photo by Vera Tammen

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  1. She is the best of the best !!! Love Tina Turner Great woman, Great Artist …simple the BEST!!

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