Tonight, Franco-German channel Arte is once again honoring Tina with a new documentary and the broadcast of Tina live in Arnhem 2009. The program is available since this morning on Arte’s website and should be online very soon on their Youtube channel. I’ll update this article tomorrow with the link to the Youtube video as soon as it is available.

Starting in Paris in Peter Lindbergh’s studio, the documentary spans Tina’s career with rare footage and interviews of Dominik Wichmann, Peter Lindbergh, and Kristina Love. No new interview with Tina herself however but extract from her last BBC interview and footage from the past.

The documentary is full of anecdotes of all kinds: From the people who marvel at her flamboyant hair to the fact that she climbed the Eiffel Tower in high heels with no protection to her notorious wedding night with Ike.

Although there’s nothing much new to learn for the fans, the focus was more put into Tina’s solo work and the job done with the archives has to be saluted. Director Schyda Vasseghi and her team really made an effort to show rare great quality footage which makes the whole documentary worth watching.

It is not the first time that Arte puts Tina at honor. Back in 2013, the Queen of Rock already graced the cover of the channel magazine and was also the subject of a documentary.

Below some screenshots of Tina Turner, One Of The Living!

8 Replies to “TINA Night On Arte!”

  1. Thank you once again Ben for making sure we are informed about important and interesting news about our Queen of Rock and Roll and her knight in shining armor. Or at least in a shiny pressed suit.


  2. Hey Ben, any chance this video will be captioned in english? I’d love to watch it, I just don’t speak german 😦


  3. Thanks as always for the up to date info Ben, it looks like a well put together documentary with some rare footage. For the non-German speakers though it is frustrating though when you hear short snippets of audio in English, and then overdubbed in German and French too! Wonder if we’ll get a version with English subtitles?
    I see Steve Blame, he seems to have been one of Tina’s favourite interviewers over the years.


  4. Kedves Tina Turner a Rock Királynőm! :)Nagyon szeretlek és nagyon büszke vagyok rád.. 🙂 Most nem szeretnék itt lelkizni..:) De szeretnélek már élőben is látni,hallani téged,,,És úgy szeretném azt a bizonyos könyvet megrendelni,de még gyűjtenem kell.. Legyen neked csodálatos napod és nagyon jó egészséget kívánok az egész családnak! Üdv..Zsuzsa Nemeti.. puszi és egy nagy ölelés mindenkor..Hűséges rajongód már vagy 40éve! 🙂


  5. super documentaire un peu court et on aurait aimé plus d’informations sur les 20 dernières années avec les phases de préparation des superes tournées


  6. i cant understand how someone would call this a good documentary! i recently saw the other one on netflix and have to say, it was much much more deeper than this one. most of the material is not even new and made by the director. it is just a pretty loose collection of anecdotes, that sometimes are terribly and painfully shallow. im sure tina would not have approved. she hates talking about her past and does not want to be reduced to it. this is what she clearly states in the doc on netflix. as a woman who also experienced domestic violence i cant stand statements like, “she was made by men and these men enabled her to grow”, how dare they say and air that! or ‘all she cared about was the children and that was her priority’ how deeply misogynist! a woman whos is beaten and systemically broken down doesnt think in those terms. these are outside interpretations based on old misogynist thinking: household, kitchen, children, church.. disgusting to let other people define that part of her life for her. the only person allowed to interpret it, is herself. and if the doesnt care about doing so, as repeatedly stated, then stop asking her or have other people talk about it! how about a full length documentary about her style, her dance coreographies, her stage performance and design and the influence on other artists. THAT would dignify her! not the men who allegedly made her. its so sad, that this really shallow and misogynist doc was made by a woman..


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