A One In A Million Chance

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In the south of France it is springtime and also time for a very nice treat from TINA and her team to celebrate the release of the Foreign Affair single, 30 years ago this week!

After the upload on Tuesday of an HD Remastered version of the Foreign Affair clip, today, TINA’s Official Youtube channel has added a couple of remastered songs from the Foreign Affair album as well as remixes! And the sound is just perfect which only leaves you begging for more! Let’s hope this means something might finally be coming in terms or re-release of some kind but until then, enjoy the new uploads!

Foreign Affair (Radio Edit)

Foreign Affair (One In A Million Club Mix)

Foreign Affair (HeartBeat Mix)

Foreign Affair (HeartBeat Instrumental)

Private Dancer (Live In Europe)

9 Replies to “A One In A Million Chance”

  1. Hola tengo 48 años y descubrí a Tina cuando tenía 13 y desde ese preciso momento el impacto en mí fue brutal.tina y su música forman parte de mi vida desde aquel día y siempre siempre ha estado conmigo en los buenos y malos momentos de mi vida,,gracias TINA ,por todo lo que as aportado ,aportas y aportaras en mi vida


  2. The Queen never stops giving!
    And Ben, you never stop being on top of things!
    I can’t imagine what the world would have been like without our queen of rock and roll.
    It is so satisfying to see her so happy since her knight in shining armor ha arrived.
    Thank you Tina for all the joy you have given us.
    And thank you Ben for all you do.
    Lee in DSM, Ia.


  3. May Tina and all of her healthy friends and family at God’s house bless you. Greetings from me in Indonesia.♥ ℒℴνℯ ♥ ♫ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♫ ♥


  4. A timeless classic Album , from the Ultimate Lady of Rock, Blues and sublime pop. This album contains amazing Tracks and Tina looked absolutely Amazing as she still does today. Here is hoping that Tina will release some new work, The lady still has it and needs to show it off in the style that is TINA xxxx

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  5. 30 years later and it still sounds so great! Love the video too. I’ve always thought Foreign Affair was an underrated album, especially since it has such gems as “Undercover Agent for the Blues” and “Steamy Windows.” As much as I love her prior 80s output, I was thrilled to see her switch up her style for this album. Thanks Ben!


  6. N tenho como explicar em palavras o que sinto por esse ser humano (Anna Mae Bullock), popularmente conhecida por Tina Turner. Quero deixar registrado aqui o meu carinho, atrelado ao meu + puro afeto, e dizer -lhe que o que era seu estava reservado nas escritas do Nosso Criador. Acredito em sã consciência que Vc n sabe e nem imagina o que o seu canto unico provoca em meu corpo quando limpidamente começas à cantar…Vc n tem e jamais terá a noção…É muito forte!!! É um mix de alegria, arrepio e p conseguinte o choro (de alegria). O seu domínio de palco é único e será p mim único em toda a eternidade. Obrigado pela sua existência!!!


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