Great news and some special treats for us fans! Following the release of the remastered Foreign Affair EP last month, it is now the turn of ‘The Best’ to get a 2020 remaster treatment! And once again we are left wanting for more! The remastering is incredible, the songs sound better than ever, fresh and dynamic and make Tina’s work still sound current and relevant. Once again we can only hope for some more releases of such kind in the future!

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The release, available digitally for the first includes :

  1. The Best (Edit)
  2. Undercover Agent For The Blues
  3. The Best
  4. Bold And Reckless
  5. The Best (Single Muscle Mix)
  6. The Best (Extended Mighty Mix)
  7. The Best (Extended Muscle Mix)

To add the songs to your streaming platform, follow this link!

And because a surprise never comes alone and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Foreign Affair Tour, a new upload with this MTV documentary following Tina on the road back in 1990. Features interview of TINA and her dancers as well as band members! A great watch bringing back fun memories, I hope you’ll enjoy it!

And for those of you who are not that familiar with the song Bold and Reckless, it is a song released on the 12″ and CD versions of Tina’s 1989 hit single ‘The Best’. This rock song was written by Jeannette Obstoj and Rupert Hine (who passed away earlier this month) – the same songwriters duo that was also responsible for 1984’s ‘I Might Have Been Queen’ that appeared on Tina’s Private Dancer album.

The single The Best was released in many formats, on the regular 7″ version of the single Undercover Agent For The Blues was featured as the b-side.

‘The Best’ – Swiss picture CD – CD

Bold And Reckless Lyrics

So yo think you’ve got a hold on me
But did you ever, or is that your fantasy
I’ll miss you when you go,
But, no pain won’t show

I’m free to search and go my way
So bold, so bold and reckless

I suppose you’ve been good to me
Maybe not enough to rock my sanity
You never asked me questions,
And you never understood

I’m free to search and go my way
So bold, so bold and reckless
So bold, yeah bold and reckless

Well, I can’t live in a cage,
I’ve just got to be free, dancin’ and flyin’ away
But your always in my dreams, runnin’
Yes, your always in my dreams, runnin’

So we’ve been gettin’ closer by degree
But, you won’t ever bring me to my knees
You’ll never make me shy,
And you won’t see me cry

I’m still free to go my way
So bold, so bold and reckless
So bold, still bold and reckless

Yes, you were always in my dreams runnin’
Always in my dreams

So bold, so bold and reckless.
Yeah, yeah, so bold and reckless.
Yeah, yeah, so bold and reckless

Still bold, still bold and reckless
Still bold, still bold and reckless

‘The Best’ – Swiss picture CD – Back

11 Replies to “So Bold And Reckless!”

    1. Ben,
      As always you have blessed us with sounds from above.
      You have filled our lives with the energy and power that can only come from Tina Turner and stage family.
      Thank you. I always know that when I see a post from you it will be a great day.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Arf Lee you are too kind! I am for nothing for the newly released remastered songs, you have to thank TINA’s team for that 😉This time, I’ve just uploaded the documentary but your very kind words are going straight to my heart, I feel embarrassed as I haven’t post as much I would on the blog lately but a change is gonna come! 😊
        Thanks again for your touching encouragements Lee and for your love and support to TINA!


  1. Hi Tina Turner Blog! It’s been a long… have got any news about the documentary! I’m so impatient to see it though it seems that the project has been put on hold!


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